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Sales post (Rules, Feedback ....)

Hello everyone,

I really need some more space at home, so I sell some of my fan-stuff.

About what I sell
I made three seperate posts, because it would have been too much to put it in one post. So you find these three posts here:

DVDs and CDs (organized by group)

Magazines (organized by Magazine)

Pamphlets, Calender and various other stuff  (organized by group)

About the rules

1) I ship worldwide, shipping fees depend on where you live. I only do insured shipping, except you take the responsibility for it!!
2) I only accept paypal (in EU you can also transfer via online banking)
3) all prices are in USD
4) please make a comment directly in the sell post and tell me what you want to have and where you are from.
5) Some DVDs are Region Code 3 - I marked all of them. The DVDs without notification are Region 2!
6) I am working from early in the morning till later in the evening, so it can happen, that I need a little to reply!!!
7) I can always send additional photos if you want to.
8) Prices are negotiable :)

About feedback

After you got the item, it would be nice if you leave a feedback directly here in this post :)))

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