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Hello my old friends

It really has been ages since I was online for the last time (except my little Japan post). I was in Japan last year and I had a real good time there. I visited the three concerts I planned to see and it was really something special to see the boys in real life.

Somehow that holiday made me coming back to fandom. Not like it was two years ago, but in a different way. My fandom has changed a little, so I am mainly into SMAP and Arashi and just a little bit Kat-tun. I thought a long time what to do with my Lj account, because I wanted to come back but I wasn't sure if I'd use my old username again. In the end I decided to come back with my old profile.
I like my journal and my community and I really have some friends here, I really like. But that brings me to another point: I will make a friends cut, because I don't know more than a half of people on my journal. ^^
So if you want to stay in contact, write a comment here please. ^^

Maybe you saw it already, but I deleted most of my fanfictions. Maybe I'll start writing again, but first of all I only write pairings I want to write and there won't be any kind of NC-17 anymore.

So all in all yukitsubute and sky_no_yuki will be back from the dead .... probably. ^^

So I hope to hear from some of you how you have done and what's going on on Lj. I really have no idea anymore. ^^


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