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YokoRyo love <3

Hello out there!

How are you doing?

I started learning for my exam on Monday, so it's not a really relaxing weekend, but it's okay. Better than running around. :))

Yesterday I found something I really need to share with you. <3 I finally got to see my Kanjani OTP again after a real long time with hardly any interaction. ^^
I foind this one sooo cute. ^^ Btw, do you know where it is from? Is it a MC from this year?

[YokoRyo gifs <3 ]Here are the gifs, the credits are down there. :)

(Originally posted by fuckyeahryocaps)

I soooo laughed about that. That's so terrible cute. ^^ What do you think?

That's all I wanted to share with you for now. ^^ Have a nice day
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