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Winter wonderland

Hello out there <3

Finally it's snowing here in my home town. I know it's sometimes a bit annoying, but the white landscape is just amazing. The picture down here is taken from my working place. We have a great view over the town from here. <3


This week I am only running around. I have uni lessons almost every day this week, and I need to learn for a bigger exam on Monday. It's getting really busy by now. x_X But only one week and then it's calmer again and uni break starts soon for me. :) I really hope the time till summer goes by quickly, because I don't want to learn anymore and then I will be done with university.

I am really looking forward to expand my apartment in autumn, because it's something I wanted to do since years, but I had no job and no money to pay for it, but now it's different. :D Now I am living on 35qm - which isn't that small, because in the end I am living alone, but now I realize that I have too much stuff for suc ha small apartment. *lol* 
My new apartment will have almost 100qm in the end, so I am really looking forward to it. <3 I know it still needs to get September till I can start with the "my new apartment" plan, but I am already totally chipper about it. :D 

I am still in the middle of writing something fo rainbowfilling which is almost done, but the story is getting longer than expected. And I write the YokoRyo for the ryo_short ommunity.
But I find hardly time for writing now, and to be honest, I am often not motivated, because I already spend my half day in front of a computer.

I am totally into watching Medium right now. <3 I had to buy all seasons at once - of course I had...it's me *lol* - and I am currently watching it. ^^ Oh, and I got Smap's gift DVD, which I really need to watch asap, and I have to admit it now, I haven't seen chain till now....>< I know it's a fail...my DVD copy didn't arrive for ages, and when it came I had no time for watching it....but maybe this weekend or next week I will manage it.
Sorry, Kame-chan....x_X

So, enough rambling for now. I have to go, because we are filming our first movie today, and it will be my first job as a camera woman. ;) It's only a uni project, so really nothing big, and all in all more nasty than funny, but it's okay. ^^

Have a nice day

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