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I'm in love x 2 (9/9) - And so much for my happy ending


I’m in love2 (9/9) – Chapter 9: And so much for my happing ending.

Title: I’m in love2 (9/9) – Chapter 9: And so much for my happing ending.
Pairing:  oc/Yokoyama You; Sakurai Sho/Yokoyama You, oc/Shibutani Subaru
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: Romance, angst, Het.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Yokoyama You fell in love with a girl he met on the street, but he never mentioned, that there will be someone else, who makes him confused about his feelings. Everything started out to be complicated…


Subaru opened the door and answered before he saw who it was: “Did you forget some…Yoko?” Yoko smiled and walked in. Subaru felt his heart beat fast. Laura left the apartment a few minutes ago. It was luck that they didn’t meet up. Yoko saw the blanket on Subaru’s couch and the pillows lied on the floor. “What have you done, Subaru? Another girl?” Subaru just tried to smile and denied: “No, I took a nap.”



Yoko saw the pillows on the floor and the blanket on the couch. It seemed that he had a woman here. Took a nap? – Yoko didn’t believe in this story. He sat down on the couch, and Subaru walked over to him. Yoko stared at him. Subaru’s upper body was naked. He compared it with Sho’s, which was much better in his opinion. Subaru took a glass of water and put it on the table. “I have to tell you something Subaru”, he said.


Subaru felt guilty. His best friend sat next to him and an hour ago he slept with his girlfriend. But what wanted Yoko from him? Yoko had to tell him something and he was excited what it could be. He never mentioned that he’d tell him about being together with Sho. After Yoko finished the story Subaru only stared on the glass of water. His best friend told him of being in love with a man, and the only thing he thought was: “Yes, now I can stay with Laura.” But there was another problem: he had to tell it Yoko.


Yoko looked at his best friend and waited for an answer. He couldn’t believe that Subaru was so quiet, he thought he’d be enraged or surprised or anything, but Subaru only sat there and stared in the water. “Subaru, say something…” Yoko pleased him.


“I slept with Laura an hour ago”, Subaru didn’t know why he said that in this moment, but it was the chance to tell Yoko about it. He looked up to Yoko and tried to figure out what he was thinking now. He counted with Yoko’s screaming and he mentioned that he’d hit him or something like this, but Yoko just sit there and did nothing.


Yoko’s thoughts turned over. He sat right on the place where his girl had sex with his best friend. And he knew he should be enraged and infuriated, but he also knew that he had no right to be like this. He betrayed her with another man, so he wasn’t better then she was, or Subaru was. Silence appeared between them. After a long time Subaru broke the silence.


Subaru waited and waited, but Yoko didn’t show any kind of reaction, so he decided to say something: “Yoko, do anything. Hit me, scream with me or something else, but please do something.” Subaru himself was relieved that Yoko had someone else, and he wouldn’t make a secret out of that, because this fact means, that he had a chance to stay together with Laura, but he didn’t know what Yoko planned or if he’d decided to stay with her and dumping Sho.


“I have to clear up things”, Yoko said after a while. He didn’t look at Subaru first, but finally he had to look into his eyes. “Subaru, I knew I had to be angry with you, but finally I am nothing better. Maybe one part in me is glad about Laura having you, because I really love her, but I think my love isn’t enough of staying with her forever. And I can see in your eyes, that you are serious with her. And I think she is also worried about the situation, and I can imagine that she wants to go on with you. And I fell in love with Sho, and it isn’t only sex for me, I really want more. So at the end everyone can be happy and no one gets dumped hard, ne?!”, Yoko tried to smile, because he didn’t know how Subaru would react.


Subaru stared at Yoko and thought he got crazy, but when he started to think about Yoko’s words, he could understand it. Everyone of them betrayed someone, and at least no one had the right to be angry. “You know that we are crazy if we keep on like nothing had happened? And we had to speak with Laura and Sho of course. And you really think we can handle everything like nothing had happen and I’ll go on with Laura and you with Sho?”, he said. Yoko just nodded. “We’re stupid and crazy, ne?!”, Yoko added and smiled. Subaru just nodded and smiled back.



Four months later


Yoko woke up in the middle of the night, and looked up. He wasn't in his apartment and for a second he didn't know where he was. He turned around and saw Sho lying next to him and he stroked across his cheeks softly, touched him slightly, because he didn't want to wake him up. But Sho was already awake and opened his eyes.

“Sorry, I didn't want to wake you up” Yoko smiled at the other one and put away his hand.

Sho sat up and kissed the other one slightly: “It's alright, but why aren't you sleeping?”

“I don't know, so much happened the last months and I am still a bit irritated about everything”, Yoko looked at the other one and remembered the day where he talked with Laura about the happenings. He thought she'd yell or something, but she only hugged him and tears ran across her face, but they were tears of joy.

Yoko couldn't believe that they broke up without any fight or breaking hearts. It was like love turned into friendship. And nearly everyone would say he is going to be crazy, but he and Laura were still good friends. Many of his friends said, that would be impossible, but it wasn't.

Yoko turned to Sho and curled some of his hair between his fingers before he bent down to kiss the other one. Sho replied the kiss forcefully and they sank back to their bed.




Subaru woke up early in the morning. He looked at the floor and saw some clothes lying around there. He smiled a little bit and looked at the girl next to him. Laura slept with a slight smile on her face and opened her eyes, when she felt Subaru's breath in her neck. He kissed her gently and excused for waking her up. “No problem, I was still awake, I just thought of some breakfast”, she grinned and sat up. Subaru looked at her back and stroked across it with his fingertips. Some months ago he never thought of having a girlfriend again. His heart was broken, because he got dumped and he had only one night stands and several one-week-relationships till Laura stepped into his life. He was afraid of losing his best friend, because she was his girl, but everything came in another way. They were still best friends and nothing had changed and sometimes Subaru couldn't believe it.

He pushed Laura back to the bed and she snuggled up to him. He smiled and raised her head to look into her eyes before they sank into a deep kiss.



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