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2012 fanfiction meme

Hello out there!

I saw this meme at bellemelody's page and got inspirated by it. So here is my own review 2012 fanfction meme. :) I hope you'll like it. For the category of the best story I've read I could have named a lot of good stories, but I decided to go for one. ;)

My favorite story this year (of my own): YokoRyo Under contract   Nishikido Ryo is a contract killer. But he chooses his victims because
of what they did. Just when he is sure about their guilt he starts hunting them. His new mission let him doubt on what he is and what he
does. So he starts fighting for someone else’s life to rescue him from getting caught.
This story was so hard to write, because of all the circumstances, so I was really proud of myself when I was done with it. :)

My best story this year:  MatsuRyo - Ave Maria (It has been posted in an exchange, but I need to repost it in my community. ^^)
I was totally into writing this story. Hurt&Comfort is a great genre. I think I need to write it more often.

The most underappreciated story:   KameUchi Red ruby Everything is dark around him. Fog surrounds him and no one is able to help him out. But maybe there a light at the end of the tunnel.
Also Hurt&Comfort. It's sad, that no one is reading KameUchi. It was one of my few stories I really loved.

Sexiest story:  MatsuRyo Good vibrations   Jun and Ryo are having a good time....
All the way smutty....no more comment needed. :D

A story with sparkles of hope in it: YokoRyo The cry for help   Ryo is acting strange, Yoko thinks. He gets to know that there is
something wrong with his junior, so he tries to help him out of the
situation he is in....
Did I mention that I love Hurt&Comfort? But not without any hope. :D

Fluffiest story: Akame Driving back to happiness Since weeks Kame refuses to drive a car again after an accident which
happened back then. Now Jin is driving with Kame to show him that everything is alright again.
I don't have a real fluffy story, because there is always some angst in it. ^^ But that's the fluffiest one in my opinion.

Angsiest story: KimuRyo As black as a pitch In panic Ryo calls the first number on his mobile. He needs help, and he needs someone who cares about him.
Guess what....hurt&comfort....*lol*

Most disappointing story:   Arashi OT5 Happy birthday  It’s Nino’s birthday and he already fears that something will happen then.
I wrote that story for an exchange, and it was so hard to write, because I never wrote an orgy before, and I think I will never do it again.

Hardest story to write:  RyoPi alia iacta est  Ryo and Pi are drifting apart in their relationship. Fights are an everyday occurrence, till Jun gives Ryo special dice which should help Ryo and Pi find each other again.
I wrote two months on this story....I restarted again and again.....

Easiest story to write: PiKame Crying charm Kame still has the charm he loves most. He can’t throw it away, even though the memory is sad.
PiKame is always easy to write for me. :)

Best Multi chaptered story: RyoKame Multi Chapter From dusk till dawn  Kame visits Ryo every day and tells him about his life. He is sure thatRyo can hear him, but he can't answer, because he lies in coma.
First of all I want to say that I don't like one single multi chapter I wrote this year, but I think that was the best from the bunch of bad things.

Best story I've read:
Hear my beating heart - PiKame by you_puzzle_me
I don't know how often I read the story till now....x_X It was exactly my taste. :DDDDD *hugs to puzzle*
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