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Christmas post

Hello my dear friends!

I hope you all are okay out there?

It's a little stressful here, because Christmas is close and everyone is running in circles. Since we have a little child in the family Christmas got another meaning again. He's still believing in Santa and that's just wonderful to see how his eyes are sparkling and how he is running around, nervous because maybe he'd going to see Santa.

For me it will be stressful like every year. First of all I go to my father and then I have to help at home to prepare everything for the evening. Even though it's running around the whole day, I love Christmas, because it means the whole family gets together and we have the chance to talk a little and celebrate together. :)

And finally I have a few days off - that's also really nice. Today I will just sleep and relax, because I didn't sleep last night. I already feared to get sick again, because I ate something wrong again....it would have been the second time I'd got a food poisioning. But luckily it's better today. :)

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. Two friends of mine created a new community, and I promised to promote it in my journal. It's a Ryo challenge community where you get prompts to write, or special challenges, and you can also ask for a bingo card, where you get 16 prompts to write.
It's really a nice idea, and I want them to get lot of people for this community. So please check it out here: ryo_short . It's really worth it. <3
I know on my f-list are more Kame fans, but if you like RyoKame you can also write them. I asked them and they told me that there will only be a few rounds with pairing prompts. Everything else is your choice. <3

So, done with brabbling around.

I wish you all a merry Christmas. Are you celebrating Christmas?

Yours Yuki
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