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Ryo-chan birthday picture and meme rambling. <3

Hey there!

I wanted to make a Ryo birthday post. <3 We scorpions are the best, right?! *lol*

So happy birthday Ryo-chan!!!!!


[Ryo Meme]
I made a little Ryo meme. <3

1) Why do you like Ryo?
2) What's your favorite Ryo solo-song?
3) Which dorama do you like most?
4) Which Ryo pairing is your OTP?
5) What would you say when you meet him on street?
6) What do you think he wears at night?
7) What would you buy for his birthday?
8) One reason to love Ryo?
9) Your favorite picture of him?

Here are my answers.....

1) Because I think he is a great singer, and he looks just awsome. <3
2) Code - definitely. ^^
3) I think it's Joker.
4) RyoKame (for now...maybe it turns to YokoRyo again when I write them again. *lol*)
5) Hi! Sorry, I don't know where my hotel is, can you help me finding it?
6) Hopefully nothing...*lol*
7) A new guitar?
8) His smile
9) There are too many, but I love all the shirtless pics *perv*

I searched for some pics to post them here, and again my first thought was: Damn, you never find a pic where Ryo doesn't look good. No matter what, he is always cute, sweet, hot, sexy or what else.....:)

How about you play and we sing for you?

I hope you get many presents, you really like and you feel like dancing around today. ^^

We all know that there are hundreds of sexy, good looking, perfect, great, cool Ryo-pics. So I just searched for some pairing pics, because it's so hard to find them, I want to share them with you all. <3

And one chibi-Ryo, just because I couldn't resist taking this. <3

[Pairing pics]

Do you recognize them?

(Super sexy, aren't they?)

RyoUchi <3

I wasn't able to put all pairings in here, especially because there aren't pictures to all of them. And I left out some pairings I totally do not like. :)

I searched via google, so if there is something to credit, please let me know <3 I don't want to steal anything. :)
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