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Tired bit content

Hello my friends!!

How are you doing?

I am fine by now, I have some days off and even though I am running in circles, I am okay. :D I cleaned and "rearranged" my apartment today, so I have some more space now. ^^ Maybe I will post some pictures later. Are you interested in it?

Have you seen je_squickfic is posting now. :D I really got a super-great story, so jump there and  read it:

What you want is what I want

And I finally managed it to finish je_holiday exchange, so I am without exchange now. YEAHHHHH!!!!

But I write for something totally great now. je_drabble_love is a community my dear friend yoru_no_hikaru founded. You get a prompt each week and two pairings you can choose for this prompt. You have to write a story with max. 1000 words. <3
I love the idea, and maybe some of you would like it too and maybe you want to join, it would be great. ^^

So my lesson is over soon and I will drive back home to get on my couch asap. <3 I totally need a bed today. *lol*

Have a nice evening,


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