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One day in winter [one shot]

One day in winter

We are all praying for Japan, and I thought of posting today, because some distraction is good for us, ne?! Let's hope the best for Japan! 


Title: One day in winter 
Pairing:  Shibutani Subaru/Yokoyama You
Rating:  NC-17
Genre: romance, smut
I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary:  7am o clock till 7am o clock on the next morning: Subaru tries to speak with Yoko, he really needs to tell him something, but somehow it doesn’t work out…One day of problems for Subaru…





7am o clock

Yoko sat in the dressing room and waited for the others to arrive. It was the first day of their concert tour planning and they wanted to meet up a little bit earlier this time. Subaru called him the day before and told him about this meeting. So Yoko stood up early and came by, but no one was there.

After a few minutes he heard the door opened. He turned round and saw Subaru coming in.

“Ah, Baru-chan, where are the others?” he wanted to know.

Subaru walked up to him and mentioned: “Ah, I really wanted to talk to you about something and so I told you something about an early meeting, but it’s only me who wanted to talk to you.”

“Okay, what’s up?”, Yoko was a little bit irritated and had no idea what Subaru wanted from him.

“Ano…we are best friends, ne?!”, Subaru started.

“Yeah, I think so”, Yoko said and looked at Subaru, who sat next to him.

“Yoko, I want to tell you the truth”

“Yes??”, Yoko was really confused and he had no idea what Subaru wanted to tell him, when suddenly the door opened.

“Gooooooddddd morninggggggg Tokyoooooo”, Maru stepped in.

“What the hell are you doing here at this time, Maru”, Subaru was enraged. He didn’t tell anyone that he met up with Yoko at this time.

“I was up really early and I thought of coming here to be the first, but it seems that it doesn’t work out.”, Maru smiled at Subaru and Yoko and put his bag on the bench.

Subaru was in a real bad mood, he had to tell Yoko something really important, and that was the moment for it. He collected all his courage and he thought his words out very well.



12pm o clock

The first rehearsal was over and Kanjani decided to go to eat something. Subaru walked next to Yoko: “Can we go to another restaurant? I have to talk to you.”

“Sure, what do you say about the ramen store on the other side”, Yoko answered. Subaru nodded.

“Hey guys, Subaru and I walk to the ramen store, till later”, Yoko shouted.

“Oh, cool, I wanted to go there too.”, Ryo said behind them. Subaru closed his eyes and cursed this day.



14pm o clock

After lunch Ryo decided to walk home, because his girlfriend was waiting for him. Yoko and Subaru were finally alone there.

“Can we go for a walk?”, Subaru asked. -

“Sure, I’ve nothing to do.” Yoko stood up and they left the room.

After a few meters they reached a lake in a big park. On a bench they sat down and Subaru started:

“Okay, as I said I wanted to talk to you. I really have to tell you this, it’s important for me that you know about…”

“Heyyyyyy…”, Yoko turned round and saw Hina coming along. Subaru closed his eyes and cursed this day again…



16pm o clock

After sitting there with Hina for two hours, Subaru and Yoko left the park. “Ah, Subaru, I have to manage some things now, can we meet up later? Lets say 19pm at my home?”, Yoko looked at him and smiled.

Subaru nodded and stood there watching Yoko walked away.



19pm o clock

Subaru rang the doorbell and waited. Yoko opened and let him in. Subaru walked in and saw Yassan and Tacchon sitting in the living room. Oh no…what the hell…Subaru tried to smile and sat on the couch.

“Sorry, Subaru, the guys were shopping and came by.”, Yoko smiled and sat next to Subaru.



21pm o clock

Yassan and Tacchon went back home and finally Subaru and Yoko were alone at Yoko’s apartment.

“So, what do you want to talk about, Subaru?” Yoko asked Subaru and smiled at him.

“I…I…I…ehh…the point is…yes…I have to tell you…we are friends ne…?” Subaru started. Yoko sat there and had no idea what Subaru wanted to tell him, but he was really confused, because Subaru wasn’t a type who started to mutter.

Yoko waited and looked at Subaru. He sat there and looked on his knees, trying to find the right words. Yoko smiled and said: “Subaru, do you want to tell me, that you like me?”

Subaru was astonished about Yoko’s words and looked up. “No, it’s yes…but I …what shall I … but…okay, yes, that’s the reason…but why do you know about it?”

“Oh, I don’t know, I just hoped it is the reason, because you’re more like a friend to me.” Yoko answered and looked at Subaru.

Subaru couldn’t believe it. Yoko liked him, and he never thought that this could become true.

Yoko came closer and touched Subaru’s face. Subaru closed his eyes and approached closer to Yoko. He rubbed his nose against Yoko’s and softly stroked with lips across the other one's. Both had their eyes closed and Subaru laid his lips on Yoko’s. Yoko’s lips were smooth and Subaru opened his mouth a little bit, so Yoko’s tongue could slip in. They kissed forcefully and the smaller onr put his hands around Yoko’s neck. Yoko embraced Subaru tightly and stroked his back.

“I knew it till the day you got jealous about my relationship I had” Yoko whispered into Subaru’s ear.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you know it?”, Subaru answered and tousled through Yoko’s hair.

“I just wanted you to come to me, I don’t know why.” Yoko laughed and kissed Subaru’s neck.

Subaru smiled and nibbled Yoko’s earlobe. He wanted to hold Yoko forever and never let him go.



22pm o clock

Yoko and Subaru lied on the couch. Subaru leaned on Yoko’s shoulder and their fingers were crossed. Yoko kissed Subaru’s cheek and dissolved from this position.

“I think I will go to take a shower now”, Yoko said. Subaru smiled at him and asked: “Can I come with you?” Yoko grinned at him and mentioned: “Why else should I go to take a shower now?”.

Yoko took Subaru’s hand and pushed him to the bathroom. They closed the door and Yoko pushed the other one against the wall. He smiled at him and kissed his forehead, his nose and his lips.

“I love smaller guys, you know that, ne?”, Yoko grinned.

“I am small but the greatest”, Subaru answered. Both had to laugh.

Yoko put his hands around Subaru’s neck, kissed his collarbone and bit in his skin softly. He giggled and kissed Yoko’s chest.

They slid down the wall and sat on the floor. Yoko dissolved from Subaru’s kisses and took off his shirt. Subaru grinned and stroke across Yoko’s upper body, while Yoko put his hands under Subaru’s shirt and pulled it off.

Yoko grinned and kissed the smaller one's chest and glided with his tongue around his bellybutton piercing and played with it. Subaru giggled and tousled trough Yoko’s hair, while he pushed off his pants and touched his length softly. Subaru moaned and grasped his hands in Yoko’s hair. The taller one put the tip in his mouth and glided above it with his tongue.

Subaru closed his eyes and bit on his lips. Yoko put it deeper in his mouth and started to suck it.  The smaller one moaned and held his hair., while Yoko held his hips and put him deeper in his mouth. Slowly he came up to Subaru’s face again, kissing his bellybutton, his chest and finally his lips.

“Where did you learn this?”, Subaru asked him and smiled.

Yoko only smiled and asked back: “Wanna try it too?”

Subaru didn’t ask again and took off Yoko’s pants. He stroked Yoko’s arousal and licked across with his tongue. Yoko moaned and leaned against the wall. He sucked it and tugged it, and Yoko pressed his lips on the top of each other and yelled.

As far as it was possible he tried to reach the cupboard next to him, while Subaru sucked his cock. He opened it and put out the lube. Subaru came up and Yoko smiled.

“Have you ever?”, he asked Subaru.

“Not bottom”, Subaru answered.

Yoko laughed and crouched in front of him. He put some lube on his finger and opened Subaru’s legs. He came closer and pushed one finger into him. Slowly he moved in him and looked at the other one to find out if it hurt him. Subaru yelled and reached for Yoko’s shoulder. He held Yoko and closed his eyes. He bent over and kissed Subaru, licking across his neck, his shoulder and his collarbone. He pushed out his finger and took a second one, and started to scissoring them as far as possible. Subaru moaned loudly during Yoko moved in him and pushed them in and out completely.

“Stand up”, he asked Subaru to lean against the wall.

Yoko stroked his back, kissed his shoulder-blade and stepped close to him to kiss his neck. After he put out the condom of the cupboard he held Subaru’s hips and slowly pushed in. Subaru yelled and nearly fainted. He never felt a strong feeling like this was. He slipped down on the wall. Yoko held him closely to his body and so he was able to stand.

“Am I too rough?”, he asked Subaru. He only shook his head, unable to say something. He pushed in deeper and Subaru yelled out his name, pressing himself against the wall. Yoko came closer, moaning silently and leaned his body against Subaru’s. He nibbled Subaru’s earlobe while pushing in and out. He played with his fingers on Subaru’s bellybutton piercing and glided to his cock. He touched it shortly, waiting for Subaru’s reaction.

He could feel Subaru shivered under his touch. He took it in his hand and started to stroke it, while pushing his own in and out. He tugged it hard and fast and Subaru yelled more and more, pressing his body against the wall to find hold. He held Subaru’s hand with his and stroked it.

Subaru yelled a last time loudly and sank a little bit. Yoko held his hips and pushed in a few times, till he cum. He rested for a second, kissed Subaru’s neck and pushed out.

Both sank on the floor and kissed. Subaru smiled at him and stroke his face:

“I think I won’t be able to walk tomorrow…”, he said.

“Than I was good, ne?!”, Yoko answered.

“Baka…” then he kissed Yoko in a deep forceful kiss.



7am o clock

The mobile rang and Yoko woke up. He looked up and grasped for the mobile on the nightstand.

“Moshi moshi?”, he said.

“Hey, Yoko, where are you? It’s rehearsal in two minutes??? And do you know where Subaru is?? You both are never too late, what’s up?”, Ryo asked.

“Ah, I don’t know where Subaru is, but maybe he is sleeping…and I eh yes, forgot about the rehearsal. Can we postpone it? I will pay the next restaurant bill.”

“That’ll be expensive…but alright, we have some time left…and maybe you are busy now, ne? Greet Subaru from us…I think he sleeps, ne?”, Ryo answered.

“Yes he sleeps, wait…Eh? Do you know about it?”, Yoko was astonished.

“Yes, we all know. That wasn’t a surprise for us…so eeennjoyyy you day”, he hung up the phone.

Yoko looked at Subaru next to him. Subaru woke up and smiled:

“We have the day off?”

Yoko nodded and smiled: “So you know what we can do?”

Subaru smiled back and added: “And this time I am top, because I want you to be unable to walk too.”

Subaru sat up and they sank into a deep kiss.

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