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Hello everyone!

Here is my proper entry I promised yesterday. I went to sleep right after I came home from university. I was totally spent and I felt like getting sick again.
Today I feel a little bit better, but I have a headache again and I feel like getting a cold. I hope it's just the stress and lack of sleep right now.

Yesterday I was sooooo annoyed, even when I came home in the evening. Work is killing me right now, because I have so much to do, but I am only part time. I have more to do than every 40hour employee. It's really stressful.
And then there is the university....I don't want to go there, but I am in the middle of it, and the study isn't cheap, so I need to finish it. (It's around 3700 Dollar for the whole study....)
It's not that much in comparison to other countries and studies, but for here it's really expensive. And I think the study isn't really useful for what I want to make....so it feels like a big fail for me....

I went home earlier today, because I wanted to relax a bit in the afternoon. I have two days "free" from university, so I could watch some TV in the afternoon. ^^


Btw, have you seen Felix Baumgartner's jump? It was soooo thrilling....I really thought he'd die....

If you haven't seen it, you need to watch it! It was soooo amazing.


Oh, and I watched some fandom-stuff today. I needed to rewatch Aiba's letter to the other members on 24h. :) He is soooooooo incredible sweet. <3

(It's with subs, just the beginning is raw. ^^)

Jun is such a cutie when he cries, and Ohno is just <3.
And I totally love the Sakuraiba moment when they start singing. I had to watch it twice to really believe that it is Sho who hugs Aiba. :D
And after him it's Jun!!! Yeah JunBa. ^^ I can't stop fangirling, even though this was years ago. ^^


I really got a bunch of great stories during the last weeks. I really need to post all the je_philippines and help_pilipinas stories - I will do this during the next days or week. ^^

I got some real good stories for exchanges. So if you find time to read, look at

fazlyn_n's story she wrote for me for thekame_exchange you can find the first part  HERE
It's a MatsuKame story. I really totally loved it - so if you like Jun and Kame go and read it. :D <3


you_puzzle_me's story for the pi_exchange. You can find the first part HERE
I sooo loved that story, so you really have to read it. <3 It's seriously one fo the best PiKame I've ever read. :D



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