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Car accident ~It can happen so fast~

Hello everyone!

I already wanted to post a random entry yesterday, but I had a little car accident in the afternoon. I was on my way to visit lilly0 when something ran across the street (I think it was a deer) and I started pulling on the steering wheel.
I ended up against the tree after driving through a part of the ditch. I had a big luck, really. I was only driving 30km/h, so I wasn't really fast when I "hugged" the tree, otherwise it would have ended worse.

After a first second of just breathing in and out I finally called lilly0 for help. (Luckily my mobile fell on me, so I had it in my hands in this moment. Somehow I managed it to climb out of the window at the driver seat. I didn't even think of the possiblity that my car could turn and fall on me. I just wanted out of there. All my stuff was somewhere lying around me, but I just tried to get my bag where I have my money pocket with all the emergency numbers and my documents in it.

Lilly's mum also came by to help in first place, but luckily nothing too bad happened, so they just calmed me down a bit. :)

But it was a chaotic afternoon - my dad came immediately. He was jogging in this moment, so he didn't even have a license with him. He just sat in his car and came by with sport's wear and not even a money pocket. I think he was totally in shock when he came by. I called the rest of my family every 10 minutes, because they were all at home, waiting for news.

After an hour the breakdown service arrived. I think he was a little bit overstrained with the situation, because my car was hugging the tree tightly. :) He needed almost an hour to get it out there.

While my father a friend of him managed everything with the car, we drove to the hospital to make a check up. As I said, nothing bad happened. I have some bruises on my arm, my knee is swollen and the seat belt cut a little into my chest. Everything else is just shock.

My dad is now on his way to manage everything with my car, which is totally broken. He was at the police station to clear everything, he called the car workshop and tries to sell the rest of my car.
We now try to find another car, because we all think it's the best to drive as soon as possible again. And I really want to drive again.

I made some pictures from the accident, as my father's friend said: I made an artwork out of my car. :)

[My car]

I stayed at home today, because every bone hurts me and I hardly slept last night. I think I am still a little bit stressed because of the happening, but I am much calmer than yesterday.

So don't worry about me, I am okay. I just need some time to relax now, to come down from the shock I still have.

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