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Exam, Kame and a teddy bear <3

Hello everyone out there!

How are you doing?!

I try to relax today, because I have my exam tomorrow. But somehow I am bouncing around totally nervous.....>< I already took some meds to calm down, but no chance....Maybe I will play a videogame now or watch some dorama.
So please think of me tomorrow and wish me all the best, maybe it helps. :D

And yeah, I finished my junior_exchange story today. <3

Oh, and please take a look at the sk_exchange. I made the schedule longer, because there are so many exchanges going on right now. :)

I was searching for some Kame pics, and found these (They are new, arern't they?!)

Can I change place with the teddy, please?! <3 Or is it possible that Kame is my teddy? I would really care about him, and girls are never too old to have a teddy bear, right?!

So, so, so....I will go and do something productive now: snoozing on the couch :D No, maybe I will write a little bit. I still need to finish the help_pilipinas and je_philippines requests. :D

I hope you all enjoy your day,


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