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Turtle vs Enomoto

Hello everyone <3

How are you doing?!

I finally  managed it to finish my Arashi exchange. *jumps* YEAH!!! Finally I had an idea for it and wrote it down in one go. Now I am in the middle of the pi_exchange and I try to find a storyline for the squickfic exchange.

Talking about exchange....I decided to expand the deadline for the sk_exchange, because we are only a few participants till now, and I want to wait a bit longer. So if you have time to join please do so. :)))))))))))

I also have to write some things for the help_pilipinas and je_philippines fund raising and I requested a lot - and I mean really a lot. <3 Finally I had the chance to request all the pairings and prompts which are in my head since months. <3 Things which aren't written often. <3 That's cool.

I am watching Kagi no Kakatta Heya right now. I am almost done with the drama, and I totally love it. <3
Maybe I going to write some reviews of doramas I've seen during the last years. <3

And there is a little OhnoKame moment in it....*lol* <3

I am heading back to write for the Pi exchange now. <3

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