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YokoRyo rambling

Hello everyone!!!!

I hope everyone from Philippines is alright? I heard about the catastrophe in the media and now I am worrying about you?!
Are you okay? Take care about you.

Yeahhhh...next week I will be on holiday. Five days off, that's totally what I need. :))) Okay, I have to learn to pass my exam in two weeks, but I am sure I will make it. :D
I just need some days to concentrate on learning and having some time for me without thinking about work. It's really stressfull right now and because I am not really a profi till now, I have some problems at work and there is no time to get slowly into it, because we are too less people working there. So i have to work on my own. *sighs*
But it's okay. ^^

Oh, guess what I found today: A YokoRyo moment. <3 One of the really few ones.


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3  fangirl-heart-attack....nothing more to say. :DDD

For today I will try to write a bit at my exchanges. And I started writing Akame again. I have two one shots so far, so I am totally into them again. :)))
And my Arashi exchange is also a majorr pain right now...I have no good idea for it....*sighs* I hope this will change.

Oh, and I think i mentioned it 100000000 times, but maybe you are still interested in the Senpai/kouhai exchange.
My friend promoted it yesterday, but I wanted to promote it here again.

I would love to see you there <3


Miss you all

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