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Hello everyone!

I am feeling better today. Not perfect, but better. :) Because I wasn't really able to sleep last night, I came up with an idea. I know that there are a lot of exchanges running right now, but I really wanted to make an exchange on my own since weeks.
I wanted to organize such a thing for at least one time. :)

So I made a plan. I wanted an exchange which doesn't exist till now. I know that's difficult, because almost everything is already here. ^^ But I think I found something which isn't.....

So, let me invite you to my Senpai/Kouhai exchange. It's an exchange where you are allowed to request Senpai/Kouhai relationships only. ^^ Further information are on the community page. (The link is down there ^^)

I really hope some of my friends are going to join there. I am really looking forward to your support. <3

Here is the community where you can find everything else:


Just as an information I post the schedule here. So you see that there is a lot of time till things have to be done.

Signups begin: 15.Juli
Signups end: 20th August
Assignments sent out: August 23rd- 25th
Fics due: October 28th
Fic posting begins: November 13th
Reveals: One week after posting

So please come and join my dear friends and support me with my first self-made exchange. <3

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