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Here we go....

Hello my dear readers and friends!!

You may recognize that there are some tags and entries missing on my page. :) Yes, you are right, you won't find any fanfiction here anymore. I decided to move. I spent the last days with transferring everything from here to there, and now I am done with it.

So I am able to proudly present you my new place (It's still a bit under construction, but all in all I am done. :)):


Feel free to follow me there. The membership is open for everyone, so no stress. I don't post anything locked, so don't even need to join the community.
I tranferred not everything, but most of my old stuff. Everything is sorted like it was here, just the master post is a bit different, but I hope you find everything you search for.

I will make a friends-cut here, because this will be my private place I only share with my friends and those who want to stay in contact with me. So if I throw you from my list, and you still want to be friend of mine, just comment here. :)

So, I guess I am somehow back now, and I feel great :) (Maybe because I am on holiday now *lol*)

I will post tonight, so look forward to it, please. And I hope a lot of you follow me to the community.


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