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Speedy gonzales, break down, exams and restart

Hello everyone!

The last four days I really wasn't online and it helped me finding a new way to fandom. I didn't miss livejournal at the beginning, but yesterday I thought it would be nice to sneak around here. I just had hard day, so I wasn't here in the end, but today I was really looking forward to go online again. (maybe because I know I have to learn, and I don't want to. *lol*)

[This and that ]
Work and RL problems
I didn't even had time to think about fandom, because RL was killing me. My exam on Monday was horrible, so I think I need to make it again, and I have my last exam tomorrow, where I don't see any chance to pass it. But okay, I will give my best. Somehow I managed it to find a calmer way again. Maybe because my mum found a way to make me understand how important my free time and calming down is. Why did she do this?! Because I had my third break down yesterday after work. I got scold again for something I didn't do at work. It was something important, and I only was partly involved, but I got judged for everything.
Today it was better, but like so often, when one mistake appears, the next follows immediately. So the problems with this case won't stop for now. *sighs* I just need to cool down a bit. Our apprentice, with whom I am going for lunch very often, was really a help for me. He helped me seeing the things in a different way. With his 15 years he is really adult-like with his thoughts. And yes, he is going to kill me when I don't learn today. *lol*

Speedy gonzales and road runner
I started running yesterday, because I participate in a relay in September, and I need to be fit then. We are a team of three, and each of us has to run 3,6km. I feel like speedy gonzales, or road runner. You know them?

(Sorry, speedy gonzales is in german :))

I ran the 3,6km in 35minutes yesterday. So because of the fact I am not in form anymore, it's not that bad...but I need to become faster till September. ^^

As I already said it, I will be back step by step now, but I make some changes from now on. The most important thing will be that I won't write anything anymore. I wrote so many requests and things I didn't really want to write, and I will stop this. I want to focus on the pairings I like and on things I really want to write.
And I want a total restart. I won't post here anymore, but I will keep my name. So you can guess what that means?! I will change into a community, yes. But I will tell you more about it, when I am done with constructing it. I started planning some things, and I will transfer my things to there.
I won't take every story there, because there are things I do not like that much from my own stuff, so I won't repost everything there. The things in my journal will be on private from that point on.
Do you have any story you want me to transfer?
I also thought about taking requests again. I will write all the things which are requested now, but then I will make a cut. I will transfer my kink table for now, but for the request post I have to think how and if I still want it.
Yes, it's confusing for now, but please look forward to it. <3
One point I want to start anew and on the other side, I want this journal to be my private one, where I can post my private things, and only them. That's also a reason for my decision. ^_^
But it will take some time to manage these things, so be patient with me. :)

Maybe I will start reading a bit again on weekend. Today isn't possible, because in the end I need to learn, right?! *sighs*
But tomorrow evening I will do nothing. ^^ Okay, not nothing because I am meeting up with a friend of mine to go to cinema. ^_^ I wasn't in cinema since months, so I agreed to go there, even though it starts at half past 8pm. And that's late for me, because I have to get up early on Friday. But because it doesn't hurt me to go out a bit more often, I go there now. :D
We will watch a horrorfilm together, so I am curious about it, because the movie sounds good. ^_^

It was a long entry from me, everything because I needed distraction from learning, but now I will keep on learning Austrian law *yipee* and hopefully I pass the exam. :)))

hugs to everyone


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