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Johnny's black board [Drabble]

Johnny's black board

Title: Johnny's black board
Pairing: Inagaki Goro/Okhura Tadayoshi
Rating: PG-13
Genre: humor 
Disclaimer: I do not own the boys! The story is mine!!
Summary: Goro seems to have a new love
Note 1: The story is really, really short and strange. It's one of the first things I ever wrote, and it was 2 years ago, so it isn't very good, but I wanted to post it. :D 
Note: English isn't my first language, so sorry if there are mistakes in it. :) And it's my first real fanfic I publish, so I hope you like it and please be lenient. *LOL*

It’s Monday and Monday is a special day in the agency. It’s the day of the “Johnny-new-black-boarding”.  Because of the partner-changes in the entertainment Kimura and Shingo decided to create a list with the newest love rumors and the newest couples in between Johnny’s.


On this morning the whole entertainment crew seems to be interested in the newest rumor. All are standing in the front of board and can’t believe what they read on the board.

Subaru: WHAT????????

Yoko: That can’t be!                           

Akanishi: O_O

Shingo (at Kimura): Have you still read it?

Kimura: Mhmm, I can’t believe it….

(from farer away) Nakai: What shall I not know?

Tsuyoshi: Please, don’t go to the board, Masahiro…..I beg you….

Shingo: Okay, I don’t want to be involved, I think I go.

Kimura: You will miss a great show, Shingo….

Shingo: Hm, maybe you’re right….do you have some popcorn?

Kimura: Sht, it starts.

Shingo: *takeshismobile* *makesaphotoofnakaisface*

Nakai: *readstheboard* O_O Inagaki and who???? Who’s that?

Kimura: Okura-kun

Shingo: It’s the one on the drums

Nakai: What???? There must be 100 years between them?

Inagaki: *comesin* What’s up?

Kimura: You and Tacchon?

Inagaki: Ehhhh, I thought….you know….it’s trend to be with a younger one…..and he is like a son for me….

Shingo: And you’re his mom or what? Are you ironing for him?

Inagaki: Of course, Shingo!

Tacchon: (arrives) *turnsred*

Yoko: I thought we’d stay together forever Tacchon….but now…….wahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa……..*cries* *exaggerates* *playsthediva*

Tacchon: You started going out with Sakamoto-kun.

Every sight falls on Sakamoto.

Sakamoto: Hey, to go out with men and especially younger men seems to be trend…..and I am going with the trend.

Okada: Our little trendsetter….how do YOU find some one younger.

Sakamoto: Keep quite, brat! I noticed your sights on a certain Johnny boy….

Okada: *turnsred* Tell no one Sakamoto….

Sakamoto: *screams* WHAT? I can’t hear you…Oh, I’
ll not tell anyone your affair with Shige……oh, uuupsssss sorry…..

Okada: *hidesbehindnagano*

Nakai: Are you crazy? Is every older Johnny with a younger boy now?

Shingo: Yes, I’m with a grandpa…

Kimura: Trap!

Shingo: *speakslikeawoman* my only love…..will you marry me?

Kimura: gr…..

Tacchon: Yeah, it’s nice if anyone cooks for you and help you cleaning the room….

Subaru: That’s everything?

Tacchon: Yeah..

Hina: and what’s with…..you know….*beatsaroundthebush*

Tacchon: ???

Tacchon: ???

Yoko: *whispers*

Tacchon: If I do what??????? O_O  O_O  Are you crazy?????

Inagaki: WHAT?????? Nooooooooo, it’s not a thing like that.

Nakai: *moans* and what is it then?

Tacchon: Friendship?

Inagaki: And I am not,…you know…..

Nakai: ???

Inagaki: you know…g….

Nakai : G?

Shingo: Gay?

Inagaki: *turnsred* Yes.

Sakamoto: You aren’t a trendsetter.



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