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A short break for me from fanfiction fandom

Dear readers and friends!

I want to let you know that I won’t be online to write or read for a while (and I promise this won't be a real long time ^_^ It's my hobby after all) . But I lost my passion for writing during the last weeks, especially because I wrote for so many exchanges and requests that I had no time to write something for me. It feels like work for me now, and I don’t have fun reading or writing at the moment. I know this will change, but for now I want to stay away a bit. I want my hobby to give me the feeling of being relaxed, and it isn’t right now.

When I had stress in RL the first way to Livejournal was calming me down, but now it stresses me to go online and to know that I “Have to” write this or that, and I “must” read this or that. It’s not that I don’t like doing it, normally I do love reading and writing, but for now it feels like I said. And I don’t want my hobby to be a “must” and “have to” for me.

As I said, I need to find the fun and passion for it again, and I think it works out best if I take a break. I want to think about what I want to write and I want to go back to concentrate more on me again. That's why I take my time for drawing, playing video games, learning a music instrument and reading the books I bought ages ago. Writing and reading fanfiction will come back to my life, I am sure about it.

And next to all the stress, I have to learn for 2 exams, so I will run in circles next week. Maybe I will look like this:

But please if you worry, don't do it, I am okay. I just had a harder time in RL because of work and uni, so I don't have much power right now, especially because term is soon over.

(I just love this words)

I didn’t lose the interest in fandom or Livejournal, but I need a break now. It sounds moody and grumpy, but actually I am not. I just feel when I am forcing myself to write and read right now, I might lose the interest, that’s why I cut myself off here for a while. I had a lot of stress during the last weeks and because I felt forced to write and read I started being much more stressed.
And I am on holiday from 3rd of July till 10th of July, so there I won’t be able to post or being online that often.

I will be online to answer to PMs and comments, so I am not dead or far away. I just write this entry, because normally I am online everyday, and probably this won't be like this now. But I will definitely be back soon, so don't worry that I disappear here, you don't get rid of me. :) So I am also now alive, just as an information.

So for now I wish you a nice start in summer, we see each other soon (I won't be away for months or a year, it may only be a few weeks), get some sun and enjoy swimming. :)


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