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Hello everyone again today. :)

Just a random entry from me. :)

I made this because I saw it at lilly's place and wanted to give it a try. So she chose five (or six) Icons from me, and I have to tell you now why I use them. ^^

If you want me to chose five of your icons, post a comment with "Ryo's the best" in your subject. :D

So here the icons lilly0 chose from me.

I love this icon so much. *lol* Ohno's face...I just could roll around, laughing the whole day. It's a icon which makes my day. :D And the teddy is really cute...XDDD

SHINTAKU!!!!!! I totally love them. ^^ I think it's from the "Bang!Bang! Bakansu" performance, and that's just hilarious. Shingo and Kimura are just a perfect mixture. ^^

(It looks like Ryo is groping Takki's butt *LOL*) --> yes, you are right lilly0
I love this icon. They are both laughing, and the mood of it is so natural. It's not a posed picture, it really looks like they have fun together....in which way you may interpret it, is up to you....

Poor Kame, .... *lol* I love this icon, because I really can imagine Kame thinking about something like this. "I always read Ryo as seme in fanfictions, I have to change this..." *lol*

<3 Ohhhhh Kame and Ran-chan. The girl he loves most on earth, he once said in an interview. And I just love his cute and shy smile...okay, for everyone who doesn't know it till now: I totally love Kame. <3

Ohhhhhh Ryo and drawing XDDD It's like me and maths...a totally bad mixture. ^^ But the giraffe he drew was really pretty. *lol*
Here is the whole pic if you don't know it already.

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