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From dusk till dawn - Chapter 8 *FINAL*

Title: From dusk till dawn - Chapter 8 *FINAL*
Multi Chapter in 8 Chapter
Pairing: Kamenashi Kazuya/ Nishikido Ryo ; Tegoshi Yuya/ Yamashita Tomohisa
Rating: PG-13
Genre:romance, friendship, AU, drama, angst
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Kame visits Ryo every day and tells him about his life. He is sure that Ryo can hear him, but he can't answer, because he lies in coma.
Note 2: Written for [info]sweetspicyhot - just because I like you my friend. :))) I know I start a bit earlier with posting it. ^___^ <3 I hope you'll like it.

Kame opened his eyes and saw the doctor stepping closer to the bed. „So you don't remember who you are?“ Kame saw Ryo shaking his head. His belly twisted painfully and he didn’t know what to do in this moment. Should he cry? Should he scream? Should he shake Ryo to make him remember? In the end he just stood there, doing nothing.  

Ryo looked at him and smiled slightly, even though Kame saw that Ryo had no idea who he was. The doctor ordered Kame to wait outside till he was done with his checkup, and afterwards he could walk back to him.

“Who are you?” Ryo said and looked at the other one. Kame could see that he was half sitting now, staring at him. He didn't know what he should tell Ryo, because he had no idea how the other one would react.

“Kazuya.” he only said and saw Ryo was thinking about it. “I know your voice.” Ryo answered and rubbed his temples. He felt a stinging pain and held his head, when some thoughts were rushing around. He saw some pictures popping up in his mind, and he remembered about the dreams he had during the last weeks. The stories Kame told him let him reliving the steps of his life, and it was like a movie in his mind.

“It wasn't a dream, it was my life you told me?” Ryo said and sat up a bit more to take a closer look at the other one. “The cross on your neck, I donated it to you.” Ryo pointed at the item and saw Kame biting on his lips, suppressing his tears. Step by step pictures and parts of his life popped up in Ryo's mind.

“We have two dogs, haven't we?” He croaked and rubbed his temples. Everything was rushing around and his thoughts were spinning so that he thought he got dizzy. Kame just nodded and stepped a bit closer.

He sat down on the chair, where he sat day after day and started to cry when he saw Ryo's eyes resting on him, and he heard his voice for the first time since three months. But he couldn't say how much Ryo already knew about their relationship, and even though he knew some parts right before, it didn't mean that he remembered everything else. “I am sorry, Kazu, I didn't want to bother you.” Ryo leaned back and closed his eyes, when he felt other parts crossing his mind.

They kept silent for a moment, and Kame thought that the other one was asleep when he walked out of the room. “Where are you going?”

“I thought you were asleep and I wanted to let you rest a bit.” Kame smiled slightly.

“No, I just want to collect my thoughts, but please don't go.” Kame smiled at him and promised to be back in a minute, he just needed some cold water to drink. He breathed out deeply and let the tears running down his cheeks when he closed the door behind him. His biggest wish came true and everything would be perfect, when Ryo would remember about everything, or maybe he did now, but Kame was insecure.

“How can he remember that quickly?” Kame asked the doctor, who stood next to him. “Maybe it was a blockade in his brain, and in the first moment he couldn't collect his thoughts, but maybe your voice let his brain work and he remembered your voice.

Kame nodded and walked back to Ryo's room, a small smile on his lips. He saw the other one looking out of the window and stepped closer to him. “I really wanted to be at home in time on this day.” Ryo started and didn't let the other one interrupt him. “But it started raining and I had to drive slowly, and then I saw the other car coming closer, and everything got dark. I heard your voice day after day, and I enjoyed reliving all the stuff we share together, it kept me alive I think.” Ryo laughed shortly and turned to face Kame. “When I heard you speaking about the accident, I suddenly felt everything fading away, and I tried to move my hand, because I felt yours. You were gone too quickly and when I opened my eyes I had no idea who I am and where I am. But when you came into the room and I heard your voice, everything came back. My whole life popped up in my mind, and I remembered everything you told me.”

Ryo pushed himself up a bit and grasped for Kame's hand, who stumbled a bit, but stepped closer to the bed. “I am back from holiday.” Ryo smiled slightly and pressed the other one's hand.

Kame bent down and kissed Ryo's lips softly, and for the first time since three months he felt the other one kissing him back.

He couldn't describe the feeling he had in this moment, it was like something incredible happened to him, and the thing he desired most became true. The knot in his belly dissolved and all the joyful and good feelings rushed through his body. He sat down on the border of the bed without dissolving from the other one and ran his hand carefully down Ryo's back. He felt him embracing him almost shy, and he now realized how much he longed for Ryo touching him, feeling his warmth on his skin, feeling his love reaching him.

“Tadaima.” Ryo said and smiled after the kiss.

“Okaeri.” Kame whispered, leaning his forehead against Ryo's.

Epilogue 1

It was raining outside and Kame coiled up on the couch. He heard the thunder and saw the blizzards lightning the room. Even though the accident was some time ago, he was still afraid that Ryo didn't come home when it was raining.

He heard the door and jumped up to welcome the other one. Ryo was smiling at him when he walked next to him to the living room. “You are still afraid of thunderstorms?”

Kame just nodded and waited till Ryo was sitting on the sofa to coil up in his lap. “I am glad you are back at home.” He said and felt Ryo's lips on his face.

“How about some days off?” Ryo smiled and saw Kame turning around to face him. “Some days off?”

“I thought of giving us a break to make a short holiday trip together?”

Kame pulled on Ryo's shirt to kiss him more fiercely than before, and nodded energetically. “That's a great idea.”

Epilogue 2

“Thanks for everything.” Ryo said later in the evening, when both were lying in the bed. Kame was already snoozing away, and he just felt Ryo's hand around his waist. He took it into his and smiled slightly into the touch.

“You don't have to thank me.” Kame answered and opened his eyes to face Ryo.

“You were there for me on every day since I had this accident, and I will thank you till the end of my days.” Ryo kissed the other one's nose playfully. He never thought that he would be able to love the other one more, than he already did, but after this accident everything was different.

He remembered everything, and he was glad that he recognized every person by now, but the most important one was lying next to him right now, and he didn't want to imagine what would have happened when he didn't recognize him soon after he woke up.

“And I will be there till then, don't think you get rid of me.” Kame laughed and rested his head on the other one's chest. He looked up and let Ryo kiss him softly. He smelled the other one's scent, and he felt his warmth and soft strokes on his arm, and he knew everything would be alright from now on.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed reading it, like I had fun writing it. :DDD Thanks for your support <3
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