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Driving back to happiness

Title: Driving back to happiness
Pairing: Akanishi Jin/ Kamenashi Kazuya
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, fluff
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Beta: Thanks to my dear avya7x for your help <3
Summary: Since weeks Kame refuses to drive a car again after an accident which happened back then. Now Jin is driving with Kame to show him that everything is alright again.
Note 2: Requested byabi_manyu in my request post HERE

Kame swallowed the knot in his throat when he stood right next to the door of his car. He could hear the other one sighing loudly, making him much more nervous than he already was. “What?” Kame glanced at Jin, who started smiling when he saw the other one pouting at him. “Nothing, I just wondered why you have a car when you are far too cowardly to drive it?”

Kame pricked out his tongue, making the other one laughing loudly. “I am not a coward.” Kame protested, rolling his eyes when he saw Jin’s evil smirk on his face. “Then show me, Kazuya.” Jin only said, still grinning brightly.

Kame opened the door and sat into the car, his heart bumping against his chest heavily. After he had an accident a month ago he was not about to drive a car anymore, and actually he swore to himself that he would stop driving. Luckily, nothing bad happened, but the shock he had was far enough to leave him acting like this. He started the car and drove slowly out of the garage. “You can go on a bit faster, Kazuya, you know.” Jin mocked, earning another dark glance from the other one.

“You know, Jin. When you aren’t able to be constructive or to help me here, I can drive on my own.” Kame answered and stopped the car to give the other one the chance to get out of the car.

Jin blinked at that. “It’s okay, I’ll keep silent, I promise, go on.” He never thought that Kame would actually really be afraid of driving again, because he was always totally into driving and he loved cars more than he loved anything else. Jin never thought that a stupid accident would change Kame’s mind. However, he could see in the other one’s eyes that he really had problems getting into the car and driving it.

Kame drove through the streets till he was almost leaving the town and the city turned into forest. Jin could feel him getting more nervous. His eyes were scanning the area, and he lowered the speed drastically. “You can drive a bit faster, Kazuya.” Jin said after a while. Even though no one was behind them, Jin told the other one to speed up again. “You are driving half of the allowed speed.” He saw Kame nodding at him, but he did not do anything to change the fact.

Jin placed his hand on Kame’s thigh, stroking it softly. “Kazuya?” He could see that Kame wasn’t listening to him at all. He was too concentrated on the street, and nothing could change that. Jin sighed deeply when Kame stopped the car in the middle of the street. He looked around, but it was already later in the afternoon, so no one was driving around in this area anymore.

Kame just sat there, staring into nothing, not even reacting to Jin’s words. “Kazuya?” Jin said again, stroking over the other’s head to make him respond. “Is everything alright?”

Kame nodded at him, his hands trembling when he grasped for Jin’s to calm himself down a bit. “It’s the place where the deer run into the cars.” Kame stepped out of the car, looking around to scan the area. It was some weeks ago when he was on his way back home.

He chose the way through the forest to be at home a bit earlier, because it was the shorter way to his apartment. He saw the deer standing in the middle of the street far too late, so he was not able to stop the car in time. He remembered the blood on his front windshield. It was just terrible for him. Luckily, nothing happened to him, but the shock was still there. He didn’t know why, but he decided not to drive anymore.

Jin tried his best to convince Kame that he needed to drive again, and finally after some weeks of hard work he managed it. Kame agreed to drive a car again.

Now they were standing there. Kame looked around and remembered the accident he had. A cold shiver was running down his spine when he thought of the moment. “You know, Jin, the worst thing wasn’t that I was afraid of killing that animal. It was terrible, but the thing I feared most was not to see you again.” Kame smiled slightly, searching for Jin’s hand to take it into his.

Jin smiled at him, stepping a bit closer to wrap his arms around the other one, hugging him from behind. He placed his head on Kame’s, brushing his thumb over Kame’s palm. “Everything is okay, Kazuya. You cannot change anything, it just happened, but it’s okay. Much more could have happened but it didn’t.”

“I really am a coward, right?” Kame smiled, leaning back against the other one.

“No, it’s okay I think. Everyone would be afraid of not seeing me, the glorious Jin, again.” Jin laughed at that, earning a dark glance and a poke from Kame’s elbow on his ribs. “Yeah, something like that.” Kame rolled his eyes, but joined the other one grinning.

Jin kissed his nose playfully before he got earnest again. “Do you think you can drive again from now on?”

“Yes, I think I can. Thanks Jin for driving with me.” ´ Kame bit his lips, a joyful jump in his belly spread in this moment. He always loved driving, he always loved cars, and probably that would come back now.


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