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Evanescence (Orthros no inu multi chapter) Chapter 6 *FINAL*

Title: Evanescence  (Orthros no inu multi chapter)  Chapter 6 *FINAL*
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo/ Takizawa Hideaki aka Aoi Ryosuke/ Ryuzaki Shinji
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, friendship, AU
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Warning: SPOILER!! Do not read if you don't know the drama and you want to watch it!!!!
Summary: Shinji is searching for Ryosuke. He hopes to find him before he'd forget about him.
(Sorry for the short summary, but I can't reveal any details here, because I don't want to spoiler anyone. :))
Note 2: It's a early birthday present for [info]lilly0. I promised her to start the story one week before her birthday. :) I hope you'll like it. ♥♥

Shinji didn’t move. He just stared on his hands, trying to avoid his brother’s sight. It was the thing he forgot at first. The thing he couldn’t even tell Yuui, because he wanted to forget about it, unlike the other things he wanted to keep in his mind forever.

But now, after the other spoke about it, he remembered. The blur thoughts about their last evening together got clear and the fog around it disappeared.

They sat on the couch, staring at each other. Their powers were gone; they broke the curse which was lying on them. Now they were able to look forward. “It’s time to part.” Aoi winced at that. Some days ago he would have been glad about that, but now? Did he want the other one to leave?

He felt the connection between them. It didn’t matter that the power was gone, the bond was still there. But it was a different feeling. He couldn’t figure it out. He wouldn’t miss the other one like he’d miss a brother. It was a deeper pain he felt. “Why does this hurt me, even though we hardly know each other?”

“We experienced a lot together, Ryosuke.” Shinji smiled slightly at the other one. Was it that simple? He didn’t know it. He wanted to stay here, wanted to be with his brother, but something told him that it was time to leave. It was time for starting new.

Ryosuke lowered his gaze. His thoughts were spinning around, and his stomach twisted painfully. He couldn’t sort that feeling out. He looked up, facing Shinji, who smiled at him. It was different from the last months. His smile turned from evil and dark into something familiar, soft and smooth. He shook his head. What was he thinking here? It was his brother after all.

Shinji blinked at him. “What?”Aoi just shook his head, his cheeks slightly flushed. Even the thought made his skin burning like fire. “Ryosuke?”


“Can you promise me something?” Shinji stroked his brother’s cheek softly. “Please don’t forget me, okay?” How could he? Aoi shook his head energetically. Of course he’d never forget about his brother, what a strange plea.

Ryosuke’s belly jumped up and down when he felt Shinji’s hand stroking his cheek, down to his lips, brushing with his thumb over it. Before he could react, he felt Shinji’s lips lying on his, kissing him smoothly. Was that for real? He leaned into it, enjoying the feeling in his body. He felt Shinji’s hands around his waist, pulling him into his lap.

He let him do, trying to memorize every kiss on his neck, collarbone and face. Right when Shinji wanted to undress him, he stopped his brother. “Not yet – please.” Aoi opened his eyes, staring at his brother intensely. He didn’t want it right now. He wanted to share more time with him, wanted to sort out what happened here right now. And he wanted to be sure what he was feeling.

In the end it was his brother he kissed right now, and even though it was wrong and forbidden, it felt right. But all the confusing feelings let him breaking in here. Shinji smiled at him, kissing him once, twice, before he let him rob off him.

Back then Ryosuke didn’t recognize that it wasn’t a happy smile, but a smile of good bye. When he woke up in the morning his brother was gone. No note, no call, no message.

“You left me.” Ryosuke bit on his lips, holding back some tears in his eyes. Some parts of his memory came back. He didn’t know why and how, but he knew about the evening before Shinji left him. It came back step by step. The feelings he had when he woke up, the feelings he had when he realized that the other one wasn’t only out for a walk. “I had to.” Shinji answered after a while.


Shinji shook his head. He couldn’t give an answer, because he didn’t know it by himself. “I have no idea. Something pulled me away from you.”

“Did you forget about me?” Aoi remembered that he started forgetting about his brother. “What an irony – I remember that I forget about you.” He smiled slightly, looking at the other one, who returned the sad smile. “I tried everything to keep you in my mind. I never wanted to forget you.”

“Why did this happen?” Silence appeared after this question. Both of them couldn’t give an answer, no matter how hard they tried to find one. “Maybe it was because we were too close to each other? Maybe this wasn’t our fate? Maybe we found each other to lose each other again after we broke the curse?” Shinji spoke out loud what he was thinking about since weeks.

“Can we break this curse?” Aoi’s words were silent, almost voiceless, but loud enough for Shinji to hear it. “I don’t know how. I would if I’d know it.”

“So maybe we are meant to forget about each other? Maybe our fate was to break the power and going different ways afterwards?” Aoi felt some tears running down his cheeks. Maybe this was the only way for them this time. Maybe there wasn’t a way to escape for them. “Maybe.” Shinji just answered, taking his brother’s hand in his. He knew he’d probably lose the other one for a second time in his life, but this time he wouldn’t remember about it.

“So this is a good bye here?” Ryosuke swallowed the knot in his throat. They stood in the park, ready for parting again. They had no other chance than going separate ways. Both of them knew that there was no escape this time. They couldn’t explain why they knew that they couldn’t to fight for it, because they knew deep inside that this was how it was. “It seems so. But maybe we’ll stay here together in one week, still knowing each other.” They decided to meet up one week later, seeing if they were still remembering about the other one.

“Maybe, or maybe not.” Aoi answered sadly. He felt Shinji pulling him closer, kissing him softly, before he let him go. “Bye.” He only said before he walked down the street, leaving his brother behind forever. Deep inside knew that he wouldn’t recognize the other one in one week. Other than Aoi he lost the hope that they’d just wake up from this nightmare.

Both swore to give up holding on their memory. Maybe they should let the memory fading away. Maybe something else would come up with the loss of the old one.

Seven days past - without any try from both sides finding the each other.

Shinji sat on the bench, enjoying the sunlight in his face. He was glad that he made this little trip after some stressful weeks in the office. He really needed a break right now, and there was nothing better than a small town at the sea where he could relax best.

He put his hands in his pockets when he started walking down the way which would guide him to the sea. It was too cold to swim, but he could at least sit down there, listening to the waves and smelling the salty air there. He was totally lost in his thoughts when he bumped into someone, who yelled loudly. “Sorry, I didn’t see you.” Shinji helped the other one collecting his stuff which was spread on the ground.

“Ah, no problem. I should have been more careful too.” Shinji blinked when he saw the man’s intense and dark eyes and the small wrinkles curling around his enormous smile. “Oh, it’s my fault that you have your juice on your t-shirt now. Can I invite you for another one?”

The man blinked at that. Normally he didn’t go out with strangers, but he felt attracted to the other one, and not only attracted, maybe he’d call it connected. “Okay, thank you” he answered.

“I am Shinji. Ryuzaki Shinji.” He bowed a bit before he smiled at the man.

“Aoi Ryosuke. Nice to meet you.” The other one answered.

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