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Kame exchange

Hello my dear friends!!!

Just a quick random entry from my side. ^____^ I joined the Kame-exchange some time ago, and there are only two days (I think two days...) left to join there. I saw that there are only 10 people participating till now, and I wanted to make some advertisment here for it. ^^
The more the better, and I am really super excited about the assigments, but I hope that there are some others joining till the sign-ups end.

So if you have the time to participate (and I think you can write the fic till 1st of September, so that's a long time...) DO IT!!! XDDDD
It can't be that Kame has only 10 fans around here. Where are you guys????????

Glitter Text Generator

(I hope it was okay to steal the banner from the mods of the kame_exchange)

So I hope my advertisment reaches you and you join. Do it for Kame-chan. ^^ *lol* Yes, I am crazy. ^^

   (taken from [info]tinybars at [info]kamera_korner)

(taken from [info]ryoislove at [info]ryogifaday)   
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