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Hello everyone!

How are you doing? I hope everything is going right at your place?

I am fine, just a bit crushed today. I visited my doctor because of a kind of illness I have since a longer time. I really hoped that she'd be able to help me, but it seems there is no way to heal it. It's nothing dangerous, so no need to worry, but it's something which bothers me a lot. but however, I have to take it as it is. Luckily another problem I had disappeared and as far as she could say it that illness won't come back. That was at least one thing I wanted to hear. :)

So it seems it isn't my day today, but I am (often) a positive person, so the sun will shine again soon. :)

But let's talk about happier things right now. :))  I clicked through my friends page yesterday and I almost fainted when I saw that pic. ^^

posted by tinybars)
He is so cute, isn't he!? But when I saw the panasonic CM I really was like O_O at the beginning...but then I had to smile a bit, because I had to think of my father - strange? No, not really, because My dad has a beard Kame would never get, not even after not shaving his face for three months. *laughs*
But as I said, he is so damn cute. <3

Oh, I started getting drawing lessons on weekend. ^_^ My aunt is a paintress and she is willing to show me some technique. :) I am not really good at it, but I decided to show you at least one of my works. :)

I have some other pics on my page on deviantart, if you are interested you can look HERE

I will try to improve my drawing during the next months and  maybe I am going to upload some things there aswell. Not only JE-stuff, because I mainly focused on things right now, but I have a Ryo pic at home which isn't online till now, and some other stuff. :)

I will go and buy some things like pens and paper today, and maybe I am creative tonight and make another picture.
One thing I already learned from my aunt: She told me that there is nothing more important than look closely at the thing you want to draw. So I did...I looked closely at Kame and Ryo. <3 And fainted....*laughs*

Whatelse is happening here right now? I finished watching Sore wa totsuzen arashi yo ni yesterday. Somehow I really enjoyed watching this drama. It was without big drama, a rather calm and deep drama. So I really liked it. Of course there are things I'd never do when I'd be in her position, but I think that's matter of personality and in the end matter of culture. :)

And I think Pi was really....hot....or so...in the drama. ^^ But it was one of the best things I have ever seen from him, next to Nobuta (where I only know the first episode, so no spoiler please. *lol*)

So have a nice day, I will go distracting myself frm thinking too much with a little shopping tour now. *hugs to all*

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