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Evanescence (Orthros no inu multi chapter) Chapter 4

Title: Evanescence  (Orthros no inu multi chapter)  Chapter 4
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo/ Takizawa Hideaki aka Aoi Ryosuke/ Ryuzaki Shinji
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, friendship, AU
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Warning: SPOILER!! Do not read if you don't know the drama and you want to watch it!!!!
Summary: Shinji is searching for Ryosuke. He hopes to find him before he'd forget about him.
(Sorry for the short summary, but I can't reveal any details here, because I don't want to spoiler anyone. :))
Note 2: It's a early birthday present for [info]lilly0. I promised her to start the story one week before her birthday. :) I hope you'll like it. ♥♥

Shinji walked up to the school building. He decided again to search for Aoi by himself. Torn between his different decisions he walked up there - totally lost in his thoughts. He didn’t even saw his brother walking down the street the same moment he entered the yard. He looked up to the top of the building where the name of the school was written.

He walked through the entrance door, searching for someone he could ask about his brother. “Sorry, I am searching for Aoi Ryosuke. Is he working here?” A tall guy looked at him, scanning him from base to top till he smiled slightly. “Yes, he is teaches here. But for today he is done with work. You missed him; he walked out some minutes ago.”

“The scent…I didn’t mistake it…” Shinji murmured, his gaze lowered to the ground.

“Pardon?” the guy was still looking at him, confused about Shinji’s behavior.

Ryuzaki shook his head a bit. “Sorry, I was lost in thoughts. Thanks for the information.” He turned around to leave the school again, but looked back for a last time again. “Ah, please don’t tell him that I was here. It’s…a surprise. He doesn’t know that I am in town and I want to tell him about it by myself.”

“Of course. Can I ask who you are?” the teacher answered.

Who am I? That was a good question the other one had. Ryuzaki Shinji…but what character was he? How did he act some time ago? What kind of person was he when he still had his power? And how was his brother? Was he kind? Nice? Cute? A brat? He couldn’t say it. “I am his brother.” Shinji only answered before he walked out again.


Aoi smelled the scent again when walked around the corner of his school. He forgot something in his office, and returned to take it. He couldn’t say what the scent was, but he knew that it had to be connected with his brother. Was it his scent?

His heart beat faster when he walked into the office. Only one of his coworkers was sitting at his table, correcting some homework. “I forgot something.” Ryosuke bowed a bit before he stepped to the drawer next to his table, pulling out the sheets with the students’ essays.

“I heard you have a brother?” Aoi winced at that. Why did the other one know about it? He never told anyone about his family or private life, nor did he mention Shinji somewhere in his documents and he wasn’t talking about him. “Why do you know about it?”

“I heard about it from…I don’t know whom I talked to...I forgot about it.” Ryosuke blinked at that. The answer was strange – he couldn’t believe that someone knew about Shinji. “I never told anyone about him.”

He could see in the other one’s face that he was thinking about an answer – but he didn’t know what to say. “Okay, he was here. Please don’t be mad at me. He wanted to surprise you and now I ruined it. I am really sorry.”

“Shinji is here? Where did he go?” Ryosuke’s heart beat faster. His brother was searching for him – and he already found him. It wasn’t his imagination. He smelled the scent, the talisman came from him. He was there.

“I don’t know. He left without any further information.” The man saw Ryosuke turning around without saying anything. Aoi started running like he never did before. Maybe he’d catch him; maybe he wasn’t yet too far away.

He was breathless when he reached the entrance. He looked around, trying to figure out the scent he smelled right before, maybe it was still somewhere there, but there was nothing. No voice, no scent, no figure. “Shit.” Aoi ran up and down a bit, trying to scan the area properly. But as he thought, Shinji was already gone.

He could run around, searching everywhere for him, but in the end he wouldn’t find him. And maybe Shinji didn’t want to be found. Maybe he wanted to be like the shadow behind him, like someone who cared about him without being seen. Was Shinji searching for him, or did he already found him and wanted to be unseen?


Ryuzaki sat in the little restaurant, somewhere in the middle of town. He knew that Ryosuke would get to know that he visited the school. He could see it in the teacher’s eyes that he couldn’t keep it as a secret. Especially because he didn’t seem to know that Ryosuke had a brother.

Did he stay calm about him on purpose? Had he forgotten that he had a brother? Ryuzaki stared at his meal, dozing off completely till he heard some others apparently talking about Aoi. “Aoi Ryosuke is rather new here. Not completely though. He is teaching my child since two terms, and I really think he does a great job.” Shinji saw the two women in the corner of his eyes and tried to follow their talk.

“You are right – he really does his best. I heard he has no family anymore. Is that true?” Shinji’s attention grew with every word they said.

One of them shook her head slightly, her gaze lowered. “No, he told one of the other mothers that he is totally alone here. His parents died some years ago, and he has no other family.”

Ryuzaki’s tension turned into fear and sadness. But he still couldn’t say if Aoi didn’t want to see him, or if he didn’t know that he had a brother. Maybe one turned into the other conclusion. Should he go back home, or should he give it another try?


Aoi turned around in his bed. Again he had this dream – the dream about the last evening he shared with his brother, before he started forgetting about him and them. Maybe this was the cause it turned out like that. Could it be that the last step they made was the first step for the loss of their memory?

He turned around in his bed till he finally stood up because he wasn’t able to find some sleep. His sight fell on the small item which was lying next to his bag. He took the talisman, twisting it in his hands.

First Ryuzaki thought that his brother was dead – and soon he maybe wouldn’t even know that he had a brother. What was better? Aoi started thinking about it. What would he prefer? A dead brother whom he at least knew - or was an erased mind better? He knew he wouldn’t find an answer to this, but he knew one thing: he didn’t want to forget about him. He didn’t even know why he kept Shinji as a secret – there was nothing to hide, but something told him to stop mentioning him in front of others. Maybe it was connected with the fading memory. So in the end no one would have been able to tell him about Shinji, and he would have got erased from his life completely.

But now some things changed – at least one other person knew about Shinji. Maybe it was a step to prevent everything? He had to talk with his brother. He maybe had some more information. Maybe it was him who made Ryosuke forget about them. Maybe it was only concerning him, and Shinji still knew everything.

But why did he search for him then? Ryosuke felt everything spinning around. He wasn’t able to catch a clear thought. More and more he didn’t understand what was going on and why it turned out like this.

He only knew one thing: on the next day he’d go and search for Shinji.


Note: Hello everyone!! Thanks for reading my story and supporting me and my (crazy) ideas. I just want to tell you that my request post is open for everyone. So if you want something, just feel free to request it HERE
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