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The creatures of the night - "The magicians" (3/??)

The creatures of the night -  "The magicians" (3/??)

Creatures of the night  – Chapter 3 “The magicians”  
Pairing: none in this chapter
Rating:  PG-15 (because of some violence)
Genre: AU, Romance, angst, friendship,
I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
The magicians found their ability over the years, and they were a small group now, sharing a house and living like a family.

A/N: This chapter is only about the history of the magicians. There will be a chapter for every single species. ^_^


The boy hid in a small hole somewhere in a dark forest. He could hear the men coming. Tears ran across his face, he put his hands around his feet and tried not to make any kind of noise. After an hour he listened into the night, and there was no noise anymore. He closed his eyes and concentrate, but his mind was empty, there was no voice appearing. He stepped out and ran down the hill. His clothes were wet and full of dirt. His knees were weak and he stumbled over some stones. He turned left and suddenly he saw him. A man stood right in front of him. Tackey stopped and looked at him, he was confused, because normally he could hear the thought of others, but this man seemed to think about nothing.

“Tackey, I searched for you.”, the man smiled and stepped closer. He put a coat around the boy's shoulder and knelt down. “You were lucky, because they were right behind you, but I told them, you ran this way.”, he smiled and pointed down the hill.

“Who are you”, Tackey asked with low voice.

 “I am here to help you. My name is Keisuke and I am similar to you. I know about your telepathy, and I searched for you to help you.”, he replied. Tackey was to tired to think about the other one's words and let him bring to a house on the top of a hill.

“It's the head quarter of the magicians, but as you can see the rooms are empty. We still wait for five new magicians, but we don't know when they arrive here, it can take centuries, and we have to wait.”, he brought Tackey to the living room and gave him some tea and cookies.

“Centuries? And magicians?”, Tackey was more than confused. “I tell you everything, but take a rest now, you find clothes and everything in your room, let's meet up in the evening again”, he smiled at Tackey. Tackey took a shower and walked back downstairs. Keisuke sat there and read a letter when he walked in.

“Ah, Tackey. I see you are done, come on, sat down.”, he smiled and put the letter away, before he started to tell him about the magicians: “We are the last two magicians for now, but the legend says that there will come three others, but we don't know when, where and what kind of magicians they will be. You noticed your power, right?! Telepathy is something great, I always wished that I could have this power, but okay....I called the orphanage today, and they told me you ran away, and I knew that you couldn't be that far. They were behind you, ne?! Humans are cruel, only because they don't have the power and they are afraid of people like we are, but you are safe in this house, no one can enter it without permission. And something else Tackey, we have to take care about mixing up with humans, because we live much longer than humans do, we die when we get killed, but not because of natural reasons, so maybe you aren't able to be a close friend for a human, because after a few years he'd recognize that you don't become older, while his life is nearly over.”, he looked at Tackey and a bitter-sweet smile appeared on his lips.
At this moment Tackey didn't realize what it means to live without society and friends, he was glad to be in safety, but after 280 years he could understand it, he never had found a love, and his only friends were the other magicians. 



Tegoshi lied in his bed and murmured in his dreams, when his mother pulled away his pillow under his head. “Stand up, Tego!”, it's time to go.

An hour later Tegoshi sat next to his mother and didn't know where they were going. They drove across various towns and it took them three days to come to the house on a hill next to cemetery. Tegoshi stepped out of the carriage and saw two men stood there and waited for them.

“Ah, Tegoshi finally you are here.”, Keisuke smiled and stepped closer.

“Can I go now? I don't want to mix up with guys like....like you....”, the mother said, and stepped back to carriage, without talking to her son or even looking at him.

“Mum, what's going...”, but Tegoshi couldn't finish his sentence, because the carriage started to move. “Come with us”, Tackey said and guided him into the house. Tegoshi put his bags into a room on the second floor and turned around to the others.

“Tegoshi, we heard you froze some guys last week?”, Keisuke smiled and sat next to him on the bed. Tegoshi just nodded and looked down on the floor. Keisuke told him the story about the magicians and explained him the main points of living as a magician and finally he added: “You're the third one, and we know that there will be another two fellows, but we have no idea when they'd come.”, he stood up and they left the room.

He closed the door and Tackey whispered: “You know, there are only 40 years left till the war will start.” Keisuke nodded and sighted deeply: “Yes I know, but I don't want to bother the boy right now.

Tegoshi and Tackey became the base of the magicians after the first war, 200 years ago. 240 years ago Tegoshi joined the magicians and in this 40 years till the war his ability became one of the strongest.




Nino was thirteen when he recognized some changes in his body. First he thought of becoming sick, but this feeling didn't change for weeks. Every part of his body hurt him, he felt weak and had nightmares every night. At this time he often fell asleep during lessons, but nobody said anything, even the teacher didn't yell at him.

On the day of his presentation in school the reason for his weakness and illness came out. He stood there and started to talk, when suddenly a hot feeling rushed through his body. He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply, and when he opened the eyes his words stopped. The whole class fell asleep and only the teacher smiled at him.

“Ah, it finally came out....that's your power, we just wondered what it would be.”, he smiled at him. Nino had no idea what he was talking about, but listened to the explanation. “Nino, I think it's time to talk to you.” Keisuke said and guided him to his office.
“Your parents send you to this school, because they know about your upcoming power. You aren't a normal human, we knew that you would get a special ability some time. And today it came out, you can make people falling asleep. Your parents always took care of you, but from now on it is better and safer for you to life with people who are same as you are. We are only a small group, and there are some other's who are right behind us to kill our species. There is a house on a hill, next to the cemetery, they are still waiting for you.”
Everything happened quickly, and before Nino could think about the whole situation he found himself in this house. He got his own room and met the other boys who lived there. His teacher stood in the living room and talked to the head of the house.

“Nino, come up here”, he smiled and raised his hand. Nino came up to him and looked in the man's eyes. “This is Tackey-san, he will be your home teacher for the next years.”, the teacher touched Tackey shoulder and smiled.
“I think you still met Tegoshi, he came here a few years ago.”, Tackey's dark voice resounded in the living room. “A few years? Then he must have been very young when he came here?”, Nino replied.
Tackey smiled slightly and answered: “Ah, you still don't know it? Magicians don't become older. We grow till we are 30, and then we stop. I am 90 years old, and Tegoshi is 50 right now. He came here 40 years ago.” “Tackey and I are the last  magicians in this house, but he know that there will soon come two new guys in this house. They will be the last one of our species.”, Keisuke looked down and sighted. When Nino turned 30 he stopped to become older, like the teacher said it once, and this year it was his 200th year in this house.



200 years ago Nino, who lived there since one week, and Tegoshi, already 40 years there, went outside in the garden. A cat came close and wandered around their feet. “Oh, cute”, Tegoshi knelt down and stroked the cat. Nino went back to search for some food while Tegoshi stayed there. “You're a beautiful kitty, ne!”, he said. “Yes I am...”, the cat answered.
Tegoshi yelled and stepped back, running into Nino, who had a cup of milk in his hands, which fell down and broke. “Tegoshi, now it's ruined. Why were you yelling?”, Nino sighted. “The cat talked to me....”, Tegoshi stared at the cat, who sat there and rubbing her tongue across her paw. Tackey and the other man came out to see what has happened. They built a circle around the cat and stared at the kitty. “I swear, the cat talked to me.”, Tegoshi said again. “Cats can't talk Tego”, Tackey answered. “It's impossible”, Nino added. “Oho, imagine, the cat can even clap his hands”, the cat interrupted and put up his paws to clap them.

Keisuke laughed and said: “Ohno, my dear friend. You can't imagine how glad I am to see you here”. Slowly the cat turned into a human being and the others stared at him. “Ohno is a shape shifter and normally he is a part of another species and not a magician, but we really need some help for the next happenings, so I asked him to come and support us.

After the war Ohno had the chance to leave the magicians and returning to his own species, but Ohno was always an outsider in his species, because he never did what others wanted him to do, and so he decided to live together with the other magicians.




Ten years ago, long time after the first war, Miyake joined the group. He was Keisuke's hidden son, and no one knew that the boy lived in the forest the last 180 years. Keisuke died in the first war, and he was never able to tell anyone about the boy. Tackey sat in his chair in the living room and read the newspaper, while Tegoshi and Nino played chess and the cat lied on the oven in the corner of the room.

“No way....”, Tackey suddenly jumped up and ran to the door. “What was this?”, Tegoshi asked. “Maybe he heard someone thinking”, Nino answered. Ohno only raised his head a bit and lied down again. After a few minutes he came back with a man walking next to him. Nino and Tegoshi looked up and couldn't believe their eyes. The man looked exactly like Keisuke did.

“I think his son is here right now....”, Tackey said after a while. Ohno jumped down from the oven and sat on the chair: “What's his ability?”, he asked. Miyake was astonished, but he heard something about a shape shifter in this group.

“I heard that you are here, and I thought it would be safer for me to find you.”, Miyake said. “Who told you about us?”, Nino wanted to know. “Some guys in town told me about you, I recognized that they weren't humans, like me, and so I started to trust them. And they told me to find Tackey.”, he added.

“Sakamoto-san, ne?!”, Tackey answered and looked at Miyake. He looked like Keisuke's twin and Tackey had forgotten how cute Keisuke was.

Miyake only nodded and looked at the others. “Sakamoto? The mixture between human and monster?”, Tegoshi said. “Keep quiet Tego, we are monsters too”, Tackey said and Tego didn't say anything against it.

Till today Miyake didn't know about his ability, and everyone tried to calm him down, but Miyake wanted to know what his strength was. He joined the group 20 years ago, but he was already 180 years when he came to them.




The magicians lived in this house since 280 years and during the first war they lost their captain and strongest man, Keisuke, but they won a member with Ohno, who really became a close part for them. Tackey as the oldest and right after Keisuke the strongest, became his follower and guided the magicians from this point. They act like a family, because they weren't able to find social contacts and friends in the human world. The legend said, there wouldn't be any new magicians in this world, even if one of them would die.

In the first war they had bonds with other species, when the war came to an end, the bonds disappeared and every species went their own way. Only a sign on Tackey's arm remembered of this bonds, and he knew the day of returning to this bonds would come soon.


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