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From dusk till dawn - Chapter 4

Title: From dusk till dawn - Chapter 4
Multi Chapter in 8 Chapter
Pairing: Kamenashi Kazuya/ Nishikido Ryo ; Tegoshi Yuya/ Yamashita Tomohisa
Rating: NC-17 for this chapter
Genre:romance, friendship, AU, drama, angst
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Kame visits Ryo every day and tells him about his life. He is sure that Ryo can hear him, but he can't answer, because he lies in coma.
Note 2: Written for [info]sweetspicyhot - just because I like you my friend. :))) I know I start a bit earlier with posting it. ^___^ <3 I hope you'll like it.

Kame placed the flowers on the night stand and smiled brightly when he pulled on some of the roses. „Can you smell their scent, Ryo? I collected them yesterday on the clearing we went during summers. I took the yellow and pink one's, because I know you love them most. And their scent is the most wonderful, isn't it?” Kame pulled a bit on the curtain to let more sun into the room and sat down next to Ryo's bed.

“Today I promised you tell you about something a bit more embarrassing in our life. Actually it isn't really like that, because it is a wonderful moment I share with you, but I think it will be hard for me to tell you about it.” Kame laughed a bit and started to tell Ryo about another piece of their memory.

Three months had passed since Ryo and Kame got together on the party and they were totally going on Pi and Tegoshi's nerves with the almost lovey-dovey attitude they had right now. “Gosh, can you stop looking at each other like you want to eat each other right in this moment.” Pi rolled his eyes and sighed when neither Ryo nor Kame reacted to his words. They just sat there and stared at each other, totally lost in their own world.

For both of them it was their first real relationship, and the first time they could imagine something deeper and longer. After school they walked down the park and when Ryo saw no one around he grasped Kame's hand and pulled him closer to kiss him slightly. “My parents aren't at home on this weekend. Do you want to stay at my place?” He felt his heart beat faster, because till now Kame never stayed at his place nor was he at Kame’s. Kame smiled at him and agreed immediately. Finally they’d share a weekend only the two of them.

“You are going to stay at Ryo's place? Cool, so you are going to do IT then?” Pi smiled slightly and saw Kame rolling his eyes. “You mean if we are going to have SEX on the weekend?” Pi winced because of Kame's words and heard him laughing loudly. “You are prude.” Pi pricked out his tongue, but had to smile too “So, you will?”

Kame bit on his lips, shrugging his shoulders. “I don't know, we didn't do it till now, and I am a bit afraid, because I never did it before, and I don't know how much experience Ryo has.”

“I never talked to him about it, but I can't imagine that he has that much experience, because as far as I know you are his first real boyfriend. Haven't you talked about that topic till now?”

“No, we didn't, I think we both are afraid of that step.” Kame laughed and stood up to leave for Ryo's place. “I meet up with him now, we see us on Monday, right?” He waved his hand for goodbye and ran up to get the train to Ryo's place.

Kame knocked on the door and saw Ryo smiling at him when he opened it. “Ah, you are here, and you brought the meat I asked you to buy.” He kissed the other one shortly and let him walk into the apartment. After cooking and eating they sat on the couch, watching TV. Soon Kame started feeling tired and he leaned against Ryo. He could feel Ryo's hand roaming down his arm and back, and the comfortable feeling let him smile into the other one's chest.

Ryo took Kame's chin and raised his head, so he could look into the other one's eyes. They smiled at each other before they sank into a deep and heated kiss. “Ryo, stop”, Kame said when he felt Ryo's hand under his shirt.

“Sorry, you didn't want to go any further.” Ryo sat back a bit, brushing Kame's cheek.

“Sure I want it, but I wanted to tell you that...that...I never did it before, and I am a bit afraid...” Kame's face turned red and he felt the heat in him rising up. He didn't know why he was that embarrassed about this, but maybe he thought that Ryo expected more from him. “I haven't either.” Ryo whispered and leaned his forehead against Kame's, before he started to kiss him again.

Kame's belly made some joyful jumps, because it meant that they'd share their first time together, and they'd succeed or fail together. It made him relaxing much more and he let Ryo pulling him up to his sleeping room.

Kame pulled off his shirt and lied down on Ryo's bed. He closed his eyes when he felt the other one above him and he giggled a bit when Ryo started to spread some soft butterfly kisses on his belly and upper body.

He tousled playfully through the other one's hair and grinned when he saw Ryo's grumpy face. “You'll pay for that.” Ryo laughed and held Kame's hands above his head to make him unable to move. He kissed him passionately and bit playfully into his neck and collarbone. “Ah, that tickles...” Kame tried to free himself till he finally managed it. He pulled on Ryo's waist and turned him around so that he was sitting on his lap.

Kame let the other one sit up a bit so he could remove his shirt. He smiled and bent down to find Ryo's lips again. Goose bumps appeared on his skin when he felt Ryo's fingertips on his back, driving some small circles on his skin. “I never went any further before.” Kame whispered into the other one's ear and felt him pulling on his waist till he was on top again. “Me neither, do you want to go on?” Kame nodded energetically and breathed in deeply when he felt Ryo's hand pulling on his belt to open his pants. “Me too...” Ryo added and smiled brightly.

Kame felt the other one's hand slowly slipping into his pants, reaching out for his cock. It was a new and totally different sensation which crossed his body in this moment. He arched his back a bit and sighed loudly when Ryo's strokes got faster. He had his eyes closed when he felt Ryo pushing his pants down.

Kame sat up and started to pull on Ryo's item till he managed to throw it to the ground. They looked at each other and stroked softly over their bodies, till Ryo pressed Kame gently back to the bed. His hands were trembling a bit when he fumbled in the drawer to get out the lube and the condom.

Kame swallowed the knot in his throat and leaned against the back rest when Ryo coated his fingers  with the lubricant. He saw him robbing closer, his hand stroking softly up and down his inner thigh. Kame spread his legs further when he felt Ryo pressing one finger slowly into him.

The pain was overwhelming him and he pressed his eyes together, trying to breathe in slowly, but it was hardly possible to manage it. Ryo kissed him gently and wiped away the tears in the other one's eyes. He stopped moving and looked into Kame's dark eyes. “Shall I stop?” He felt the nervousness in him, because he thought he did something completely wrong, but Kame denied and put his hands around Ryo's neck to pull him closer. “I am okay.” He whispered and felt Ryo's breath tickling in his neck before he kissed him and nibbled softly on his skin to distract him from the pain he felt.

Ryo was soon able to move in the other one, and added a second and finally a third finger. Kame relaxed more and more, especially when Ryo hit the certain point in him. Ryo tried to be careful and gently, and he started to be more fiercely when he saw the other one relaxing next to him.

Ryo's hand was trembling a bit when he rolled on the condom and sat between Kame's legs. “I trust you.” Kame smiled at him and saw Ryo returning it. He lied down and pushed in slowly. Kame pressed his lips together and felt the same pain crossing his body again.

It started to be hard to breathe again, and his stomach twisted painfully, till Ryo stopped and gave him some time to adjust.

Kame nodded shortly at him and Ryo started to roll his hips carefully and gently. He kissed the other one from time to time and nibbled softly on his skin, when he saw that Kame didn't relax at all. He angled a bit and pushed Kame's waist up a bit before he pushed in again. He felt Kame's tensed body relaxing immediately and he knew he did something good in this moment. He tried to do it same with every thrust he made, and Kame relaxed more and more, when he hit his spot with every time.

Ryo felt the other one tensing around him and he heard Kame whining under him. He started to stroke his length in rhythm with his thrusts. The heat in his body started to rise up more and more. He heard Kame calling out his name before he sank back on the bed. He held Kame's hips up and moved faster, till he finally found his release.

Kame stepped out of the shower and saw Ryo was already sitting on his bed. “I was faster than you are, even though I had to cross the apartment to reach the other shower.” He laughed. His wet hair hung in his face, some water drops poured on his shoulder and upper body.

“First of all isn't your apartment that big, and second: I am not able to move fast and far right now.” Kame laughed and fell on the bed next to the other one. “I am sorry for that.” Ryo grinned and pulled Kame closer, till his head rested on his chest.

“I love you, Kazu.” Kame heard the other one's words and winced shortly. It was the first time he heard these words, and he never believed that it would be that wonderful to hear it.

“I love you too...” they smiled at each other and snuggled up till they fell asleep.

“I know, it's cheesy, isn't it, Ryo?” Kame laughed, stroking Ryo's hand softly. “But I never felt that  chipper and happy before. It was the first time you told me that you love me, and believe me, I wanted to hear 50 times a day, but now I don't need to hear it anymore. I see your smile, your sparkling eyes, and I know what I mean to you, and I hope you know that too. That was the day we had our first sex, and I think maybe it's a bit pervy to tell you about it, but it's a precious memory I have, and I swore to tell you all the moments which are precious for me.”

Kame stood up and pulled on Ryo's blanket before he took his bag and walked to the door. “I will come tomorrow Ryo. I have to go now, it's family day today, and I have to visit my parents, they cook for all of us. Ah, your mum and dad join too, and I think your siblings are also part of it. My dad makes a barbeque. I know you'd love it, and I promise we will make one together when you are back at my side.” Kame smiled when he closed the door and walked down the corridor.

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