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Evanescence (Orthros no inu multi chapter) Chapter 2

Title: Evanescence  (Orthros no inu multi chapter)  Chapter 1
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo/ Takizawa Hideaki aka Aoi Ryosuke/ Ryuzaki Shinji
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, friendship, AU
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Warning: SPOILER!! Do not read if you don't know the drama and you want to watch it!!!!
Summary: Shinji is searching for Ryosuke. He hopes to find him before he'd forget about him.
(Sorry for the short summary, but I can't reveal any details here, because I don't want to spoiler anyone. :))
Note 2: It's a early birthday present for [info]lilly0. I promised her to start the story one week before her birthday. :) I hope you'll like it. ♥♥

It was already late at night when Aoi came back home. Again he walked out for a drink, searching for some distraction. He had the feeling that his memory came back – at least a little bit - when he drank some alcohol. But as soon as he stepped into the cold air everything was blown away again, and he couldn’t even say if he really had a brother, or if it was just his imagination.

Yesterday he was sure that the other one existed, but today everything was different. Was there a guy named Ryuzaki Shinji, or was it just a dream he had once? And how did he look like? Where his eyes honest and trustful, or were he someone Aoi mistrusted? He couldn’t figure it out anymore – his mind was blank – everything was gone.

Everything started spinning around when he lied in his bed. His thoughts were running in circles and right before he closed his eyes, he saw someone kissing him – he could almost feel the lips on his, and he felt someone taking his hand – a vibration crossed his arm, wandering through his whole body. Aoi opened his eyes abruptly. “Shinji”

He remembered about the moment in the water, about them holding their hands, the power rushing through their bodies till both felt exhausted and empty. Brothers – we are brothers…Ryosuke murmured, already half asleep again.


Ryuzaki sat in the train, his head leaning against the cold window. He had to bring up all his might to remember why he made this journey and what he was searching for. One week passed since he left his new hometown to search for his brother. The time ran against him, and he knew that. With every minute, with every second his memory faded away and he didn’t know how long he would be able to remember at least a little bit.

“Coffee?” Ryuzaki winced when he heard the voice next to him. He shook his head slightly, giving the waiter a gentle smile.

He stretched a bit, rubbing his tired eyes. Since days he wasn’t able to rest well. Everytime he fell asleep he was worried that he’d forget about another part of his past. “Yuui?” Shinji heard the other one talking with someone, the phone far away from him. He rolled his eyes and wanted to hang up, when he heard Yuui talking to him. “Ah, Shinji. Finally I reach you. I just wanted to tell you that I read the newspaper right before and there was an article about a fight between some guys. One of them is called Aoi Ryosuke.”

Shinji blinked for some times till he realized that Yuui was talking about his brother. “You forgot about his name?” Shinji could hear that his friend was worried about him, so he denied it. “Everything is perfect. I was just sleeping, and you know me, I am always bit off when I wake up.”

“Please take care about you. And don’t forget to call me every now and then. I will remind you about your mission.” Shinji heard the peeping on the other side and had to smile slightly. He never thought that he’d find a friend after all he experienced in past. But the other one’s simple and nice way of acting towards him, let his walls breaking down.

He leaned again against the window and closed his eyes, till a sudden thought hit his mind. What if Ryosuke didn’t want to see him? What if he remembered about him, but he didn’t want to talk to him anymore? He would understand it, because actually he wasn’t always nice to him. He couldn’t say if he’d hate himself when he would be in the other one’s position. He shook his head to push away the thoughts he had. He wanted to find Aoi, no matter what. Everything else would be a matter when he knew where the other one was.

“Aoi Ryosuke….Aoi Ryosuke…” Shinji repeated the name again and again in his mind. He didn’t want to forget about it again. If Yuui wouldn’t have called, he would have forgotten the name of his own brother.

He stepped out into the cold air when the train stopped and tried to find the way he had to go. He never was in this area before, but luckily he wasn’t bad with orientation. Shinji felt a bit insecure when he walked through the town. Since he was everywhere in the media because of his power, he had the feeling that everyone knew him. Everyone was staring at him - everyone wanted to talk to him, testing if he could still heal with his hand. But maybe it was also part of his imagination and in reality no one was interested in him – he couldn’t say what it was, but it felt strange.

Shinji walked around the area Yuui told him on the phone. “A fight…here in this area.” He scanned everything properly, but he couldn’t find anything interesting around there till his sight fell on a small talisman on the ground. He immediately recognized it. The snake as a sign on it - it belonged to Aoi, he knew it, because he had the same. He twisted it between his fingers, looking around again.

Where could he be? Shinji sighed. He knew he didn’t know it, and he knew he wouldn’t figure it out, because he already forgot a lot about his brother. Damn fate…he cursed and pressed the little talisman in his hand. He closed his eyes, trying to sort out his thoughts. How was Aoi? What did he prefer? Where could he live?

Teacher…the word hit Shinji. He was a teacher, he remembered about it. It was not much information, but at least it was a small hint. He could search by using this for him.


Aoi touched the small wound on his lips. Again he got in between two fighting groups. He wanted to separate them, but in the end he was the one who got to feel their anger. But in the end it wasn’t the thing which bothered him.

In the middle of the fight he saw two guys running away from there. The fear in their eyes told Ryosuke that something was off. “It’s the guy who killed with only using his hand.” One of them screamed out, pointing at Aoi. Of course he knew what he was in past, and of course he knew that his brother had the opposite power, but wasn’t it only a dream?

Ryosuke hated it to be like this. Even though he’d forget about his brother, he’d always know that he was the one who killed people. He was the evil one between the two of them. And he hated himself for this.

The other guys stared at him, circling him for a last time, hitting him two times before they started running away from there. He lied there for some moments till he walked home. Exhausted and somehow dead – but not because of the pain he felt, but because he felt empty – his mind faded and with that his heart seemed to die.

If he’d only have a single trace where his brother was, he’d search for him, but he had no idea. And travelling around wouldn’t be the solution for it. In the end he’d forget why he was on that journey.

He started wondering if Shinji was still thinking about him.

Did he still know who Aoi was?

Was he also cursed with a fading mind, or was it only him who lost the pieces of his past?

And what could he do against it?

Was there a way to stop this?

 How could he figure this out?

He shook his head slightly, trying to smile slightly when he left his apartment. He hoped that his students wouldn’t ask where the wounds came from. He walked down to the little shop when he felt a certain smell reaching him – carried with the wind. He knew it – but what was it? He couldn’t sort it out. He didn’t know how it was connected with him. He pushed the thought aside when he entered the room.


Shinji walked down the streets, passing some bars and a supermarket. Somewhere around there should be a high school, but he couldn’t find it. He passed the little shop at the corner of the street and stopped shortly.

Something was there – something was around here…but what?

He smiled slightly. With the hands in his pockets he started walking down the road, searching for the school again.

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to lilly0!!!Okay, we saw each other ten minutes ago, but again happy birthday from me. XD

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