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A silent goodbye....

Hello my friends!

This entry will probably be my last one, since I decided to leave Lj and fandom. I am still interested in the boys and their concerts, but writing and reading isn't my main interest anymore, so I will make a cut here.

I really had the chance to meet great guys here, and I really love you all for following me, if you want to stay in contact you can send me a message at yukitsubute@gmail.com. I will for sure answer everyone.

You may ask why I come up with this out of sudden? I had enough time to think about everything, and everytime I felt annoyed because of some happenings around LJ and some guys in fandom I made a note about it. And in the end I was more often annoyed than happy during the last time, so this is a main point why I decided to go.

On the other side fandom isn't what it was one year ago. Sometimes I have the feeling people stopped reading, a lack of interest came up during the last months and that made me feel sad and mad.

I wanted to post this on Sunday the 1st, when I'd have more time to do so, but a conversation today let me come up with this ealier than planned. I really can't stand all the hate against the boys I like, and I don't get why the guys who dislike my favorites have to tell me this with every single line they write?! I will never get it.

Thanks again to everyone, I still love you all, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment here and there, thanks to all the readers who dropped by everytime I updated and thanks for being there for me.

I still love the boys, I am sure I will do so forever.

(made by ryoislove)

So goodbye


LOOK AT MY TAG!!! :P I wanted to post it on Sunday the first as an April joke, but I think you didn't count with an early April joke today, so I hope I succeeded, and I hope you are glad that I will of course stay here. :))
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