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Hello everyone!

I am on unviersity right now....yeah...it's totally exciting....

(made by ryoislove)

Did you know that elephants are grey and I hink you never heard that snow is white? That's what I learn in my lesson here....><

But hey, I can give an input concerning colors:

*lol* Yellow and black - that are my colors. :)))) And no, of course I am not addicted....XDDDD

I will post later today, or maybe tomorrow. I just have to take a look how motivated I will be when I am at home. :))) I had a long day today, so I will see how tired I am. :)

Oh, I finished watching Gokusen today, and I totally love the dorama. :))) Jun is so cute in there. *laughs* And finally, finally there is a drama with a cool female character. That's really rare I think. Mostly the girls are so annoying....I hardly say that I really like a female main character, but Yankumi is just great. :))))

And also the boys - they are all really lovely, even though they are the hard and tough guys. *laughs*

Oh, and I watched Kanjani MAP today, because I had nothing better to do in my break. Did you know that Ryo is afraid of Kame?!
*laughs* I know it's not a turtle I think, but it looks like one, so I'd say it'S bitchy Kame. *laughs*

On Thursday I will maybe talk with my professor about the master thesis - if he finds time to, because he is the editor in charge of Austrian's biggest newspaper, so he is kind of busy. *laughs* But actually he and some of my friends are going out on Thursday to eat something and drink one or two beer, so I will maybe join them. ^___^ Just to know how he really is, and if I made a bad decision with choosing him as professor. ^^

I will maybe come back with a questionaire concerning my thesis on Lj. Maybe I need the help of you all. But I first have to talk about the topic and what I will write exactly, but then I will come back with it. :))

So that's enough from me here. I will listen to the course now, only one hour left before I can go home.

Have a nice evening, day, morning or whatever


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