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Evanescence (Orthros no inu multi chapter) Chapter 1

Title: Evanescence  (Orthros no inu multi chapter)  Chapter 1
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo/ Takizawa Hideaki aka Aoi Ryosuke/ Ryuzaki Shinji
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, friendship, AU
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Warning: SPOILER!! Do not read if you don't know the drama and you want to watch it!!!!
Summary: Shinji is searching for Ryosuke. He hopes to find him before he'd forget about him.
(Sorry for the short summary, but I can't reveal any details here, because I don't want to spoiler anyone. :))
Note 2: It's a early birthday present for lilly0. I promised her to start the story one week before her birthday. :) I hope you'll like it. ♥♥

Their paths parted.

One walked to the east the other to the west.

They shouldn’t meet up again.

It was the way they had to choose.

Their future was planned without looking back what happened.

There was no way of going back.

Memories started fading.

Pictures disappeared from their minds.

The past got blurred.

Their paths should never cross again.

But where there’s a will there is a way.

“Aoi-sensei?” Keisuke ran up to him, stopping when he almost bumped into his teacher. “About my presentation with Kuma-kun. We will need some more time for it. He was sick during the last days, and we weren’t able to work on it.”

“He was sick, or you weren’t in the mood for making it?” Aoi smiled brightly, some small wrinkles curling around his lips. Of course he knew his students. And he knew almost every excuse they used. But actually he wasn’t mad at them, because he knew they were special – extremely special.

“I am sorry Sensei.” Keisuke bowed a bit, trying to hide his little blush. Normally he wasn’t like that, because no one managed it to tame them till now. But with this new teacher everything went different. He was able to calm the bunch of kids down a bit, and for some unknown reasons the students really liked him.

“Take your work more serious, Uchi-kun.” Aoi Shinji patted the student’s shoulder and walked away, leaving Keisuke behind without any further words.

“He really is a strange teacher, isn’t he?!” Keisuke turned around, glancing at Kuma, who stood there, his hands in his pockets, a bright smile on his face. “I am going now. My brother and I want to go to the karaoke bar today. See ya.” Kuma waved his hand before he started running to a slender figure on the other side of the school building.

Aoi leaned against the tree, his gaze lowered. His brother…he remembered about him – or at least he thought he did, but actually the pictures were blurred, and he didn’t know if he’d recognize him on street when they’d meet there.

Some weeks ago he saw his brother’s face clearly in his mind, but now he couldn’t even remember how his hair looked like, what color his eyes had, and he had almost forgotten about Ryuzaki’s smile.

Did he want to forget him? Did he want to go on without his brother? He never asked this question, because their fate seemed to be settled for them. They seemed to be born to go different ways from the moment they lost the devil and god’s hand on the bridge some time ago.

Aoi put the hands in his pockets when he started walking down the street. How many things was he going to forget? Would he at least remember that he had a brother, or would Ryuzaki be erased from his mind?


“Ryuzaki-kun, stop moving.” A young man pointed at him, forcing him to stop his movements. “You are going to do something stupid, right?”

He turned around, smiling brightly at the man before he turned around to stare at the sea again. “You really think I’d jump from the cliff? Maybe I am crazy, but I am not stupid. There are easier ways to find the death than doing this.”

Ryuzaki jumped down from the stones, walking towards the guy, patting his shoulder slightly, before he started walking down the street. He didn’t look back or gave the other an explanation why he stood on there, staring into the deep sea, one foot ready to jump. Of course he wouldn’t have done it, or maybe he would have. Actually he didn’t know it all. He couldn’t say anymore what he was thinking, because everything in his mind was in a mess. RYOSUKE … a voice in his mind screamed loudly.

He tried to fix the other one’s face in his mind, tried to remember every smile Aoi showed him, every move he made. But during the last weeks the memory faded, and the other one got more and more like a phantom, like someone he only met once, someone who wasn’t related to him in any kind of way.

He stood there on the cliff to sort his thoughts, to think about everything properly, to find a reason why he was forgetting, but everything he could think about was jumping down there. Was his life meaningless? Was he meant to end up here? He went to the east some months ago, not that he needed to go away, but something pulled him into this direction.

Everything started good, not perfect, but good. Till the day he woke up and had problems to remember about Aoi’s face. Something happened here, he was sure about it. Something or someone wanted them to forget about each other. How long would it take till Ryuzaki would forget about having a brother? Did he want this? Should he search for him?

And would he remember when he’d see him again, or would the search take so much time that he’d have already forgotten about Aoi and why he was on a journey to the west.

Ryuzaki walked into the little ramen store he was used to eat his lunch in, and who’s owner got more and more one of his best friends. Some time ago he started telling him about Aoi and their life. Yuui was the only one Ryuzaki told about the parts concerning their power and their background. Actually he didn’t want anyone to know about him and Aoi, but every day he feared more and more that he’d forget about his past completely, and so he decided to tell Yuui about it, with the plea that he’d remind him every day about Aoi and the happenings around them. He didn’t want to lose the memories he had, even though their days were tragic, and a lot of things happened. In the end Aoi was and would always be his brother – and something special to him.

“Shinji, I am wondering if he also forgets about you? Are you meant to forget each other?” Ryuzaki looked at the guy towards him, who placed to plates with gyoza on the table.

“Honestly I don’t know it, Yuui. I thought about it hundreds of times, but I don’t know it. Maybe it was settled that we should lose our might and with that we should lose each other, but I don’t want to lose him.” Shinji stared at the plate without touching the food and got lost in his thoughts.

“You really sound like you were close to each other.”

“Not really – we didn’t know each other for long, but it felt like we belong to each other. It sounds strange, and I can’t sort it out by myself, but it’s the way it feels like.” Ryuzaki twisted the chop stick in his hands, staring at it absent-minded.

“Sure – I understand what you mean. You were connected to each other, even though you maybe didn’t know about each other during the last years. And when you found each other, everything got deeper, and all the feelings overwhelmed you – and for sure also him.” Yuui nodded at his own words, waiting for a reply.

Shinji smiled sadly. His eyes got smaller when he thought about him and his brother. “I knew about him since I was a little boy, Yuui. I always knew that I have a brother, but he had no idea that I existed.”

“That’s something different. And now your memory is fading away?”

Shinji looked up, staring at the other one. “Yes, I can’t even remember his face properly. And I am worried that I will forget about him completely during the next months.”

Yuui rubbed his chin, one eye closed, staring at the wall. Shinji stared at him, waiting for a reaction, which didn’t come. “What are you thinking about?”

“Why aren’t you searching for him? I see you suffering, because you want to see your brother that badly, so why aren’t you just going to find him?” Shinji stopped moving for a moment. Even though he had the same idea it was strange to hear it from someone else. “Do I really miss him? I don’t even know him properly.”

Yuui sighed deeply. He bent forward, shaking his friend slightly. “Shinji, you talk about nothing else than Ryosuke. You told me your whole story, just in case you’d forget about him. So don’t tell me you don’t miss him.”

“Maybe you are right – Maybe I should go before I forget about him and we maybe meet as strangers one day.” He stood up, smiling at his friend before he left the shop.

“Take care about you.” Yuui screamed loudly before he returned to his works.

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