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Hey everyone!

I am feeling much better these days, and thanks for all the nice words from you, it really cheered me up. <3 I am still busy and it's stressful, but calmer days will come soon. :)

Last week I made a youtube session with two friends of mine, and one of them showed me this video:


It has nothing to do with Japan, but I was really amazed about this boy O_O The idea and the sense for music he has. ^^ I like it :D <3

But I am posting because I want to give you the posting schedule for this week:

Monday: One shot (Jin Drabbles)
Tuesday: RyoKame Chapter 3
Wednesday: KimuRyo Chapter 5
Thursday: PiKame Chapter 1 (Something new ^___^)
Friday: TackeyRyo Chapter 6
Saturday: PiKame Chapter 25
Sunday: KimuRyo Chapter 6

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