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04 February 2022 @ 08:49 pm
Hello everyone!

Thanks for dropping by. :D
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If you have similar interests, feel free to add me every time you want. And you can contact me via PM or comment, I will happily answer you.

Note: My fanfictions concerning JE-fandom are here: sky_no_yuki
         My fanfictions concerning western fandom (mainly TV shows, videogames) are here: sweetfusion

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07 November 2016 @ 11:40 am
Hello my dear fans,

I am currently in Japan and I am going to Mandarake. I can take some orders for Johnny fangoods and Doujins from various bands.

Mandarake sells Doujinshi and a lot of fangoods from old concerts and some other stuff like pamphlets and magazines, but it's not sure that I can get things if you search for something special.

I can also offer to buy shop photos, since we'll visit Johnny's shop.

If you are interested leave a comment here, and I will contact you.

Costs for this:
Price of the doujin/fangood + Paypal fee + Shipping + 500Yen fee.

(Shipping costs: http://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/charge/list/ems_all_en.html)

Leave comment or write me a PM with following information:

Doujin pairing/circle:
Fangood (Concert, Band etc.):
Money you want to spend:

Payment must be made before I go shopping, you get everything refunded if I don't find what you search for of course!!!

Maybe I can help you with finding some stuff :)

Yours Yuki
28 October 2016 @ 07:53 pm

Hey everyone,

since I am always doing the almost same things like lilly0 - yes, we even go on holiday together :D - I start my advent calendar drabble challenge for December.
(I worked on the requests from older posts, but I need to wait for them to be betaed)

What is an advent calendar:
Before Christmas the children get an calendar to make time till Christmas Eve a little easier. Mostly the calendars are filled with chocolate, but also tea or just pictures.
And I want to make the time till Christmas a little nicer with some nice drabbles ;)

So what you can request:
- Everything except juniors, drama pairings and het pairings.
- Every rating is okay.

Give me a pairing and a short prompt, but remember that this is a drabble - so don't give me too much prompt input. ;)

I only take 24 requests, first come first get ;)

I wait for your requests, and I will start writing them tomorrow in the airplane ;)


1.) Juntoshi
2.) Arashi Gen
3.) JunBa
4.) Sakuraiba
5.) Kame x someone
6.) Ohmiya
7.) Ryoxanyone
8.) JunBa
9.) YokoRyo
10.) Juntoshi/Sakuraiba
11.) Yama
12.) Koyashige
13.) Tennen
14.) Matsumiya
15.) Sakumiya
16.) Matsumiya
17.) Sakumiya
18.) Sakuraiba
19.) Ohno centric OT5
20.) KamexKoichi
21.) Ohimya/sakuraiba
22.) Sakumiya
23.) Matsumiya
24.) JunBa

26 October 2016 @ 06:09 pm

Hello my dear friends,

how are you doing?

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03 September 2016 @ 05:38 pm
Hello everyone,

are you enjoying your weekend?

I am in the middle of writing my story for the kitto_slutparty Exchange, I hope my recipient will like it. :)) And of course I am not allowed to say something about pairing and the story, but at least I can say: I have a lot of fun writing it <3

I joined another two exchanges this year, and maybe some of you are also interested???

First there is the fishing_mj exchange - it is an exchange based on Jun and Ohno, but it doesn't need to be only Juntoshi :D I joined there to maybe get some JunBa :D :D

Oh, and then there is my favourite exchange next to the arashi_exchange (which started posting today <3 - Yeahhh). It the je_united exchange where you can request every JE person, from juniors to daidaisenpais :D :D :D Maybe some of you are interested in this?? The mods are friends of mine, and they really try their best with this exchange, so I promised to ask my friends to join there - so here I am: Would you like to join???? :D :D

So, for now I go to watch some movies now - have a nice evening
01 September 2016 @ 07:12 pm

Hey everyone,

I just read the news about Junno's single. Really?? Is he kidding everyone?? He said he didn't want the idol life anymore and become a 'normal' person and now this news?
Honestly, I could never stand him, and now it's worse.
He's the reason Kat-tun stopped their activities and now he decides to come back on stage?
That's really annoying.

I don't want to think about what the three Kat-tun members feel now (if they didn't know it already....)
Especially Kame must be really pissed, because from many fanbases I heard voices which called him as the one in charge. I don't know why, but Kame had always the most haters. (Proofed by the fact that even Jin, who really wasn't a friend of Kame, protected him in one concert, telling the Fans that they should stop yelling that they wish Kame to die...)

Back in 2009 Kat-tun was one of my favourite bands, even though I only liked Kame and Jin. I loved their music, even though the members didn't like each other a lot.
I had the feeling that they changed when Koki and Jin had left, but witb Junno's leaving they lost their balance again, and I am really curious what the future will bring, I just hope that Junno won't succeed with single - sorry to say it honestly, but I decided to stop with hiding my real thoughts about things.

16 August 2016 @ 10:51 am
Hello my dear friends,

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I'll go to relax some more now, so have a nice day <3 <3
Hello everyone,

I came up with a new idea, just because it's weekend and I am not very busy (I am so happy about that ;))

I know I still have to fulfill some kink table requests, but I want to start this as well.

Here are the rules for the summer request post:

- About pairings: I am perfectly fine with every Arashi pairing (though I prefer Aiba related pairings). For non-Arashi pairings I only take these: Fuma/Kento, Kame/Arashi, RyoKame, Ryo/Arashi, YokoRyo. (You can ask for another pairing, but I am probably really picky this time)

- Sentence challenge: Give me one sentence I need to include in the story. Please give me a sentence I can work with, and not only something like "Yes," he said.

- About kink: I can write every not so special kink, but for harder things or special requests, please ask beforehand. NO mpreg, non con, dub con, gore, breathplay, bloodplay, and extreme kinks!!!! Please ask for everything which is in any kind of way special!!!

So how should you request:

1) Name a pairing
2) Give me one sentence I need to use in the story

3) Add a kink

If you are totally not into kink, but you want to request a sweet-flower-summer-story, please do that, and jut write in point 3 that you prefer a non-smut story ;)

Let's make this a hot summer fun <3
19 June 2016 @ 09:25 am
Hello my friends,

how are you doing out there? Summer comes closer and the weather gets hot again. Here at my place it's raining almost every day oO That sucks a little, but I have to learn for my second exam at work. >< So it's not that bad that we don't have 30 degree and the perfect weather to spend the whole day in a pool ;)

Have you seen that the Arashi exchange runs again? Do you join? I already signed up <3 You can find it here, if you are interested: arashi_exchange

I am totally in writing mood now, so I'll go and write some one shots and multi chapters today :D

I hope you have a nice weekend <3

22 May 2016 @ 03:37 pm

Hello my dear friends,

how are you doing?

I am in my new job now, finally. :) And till now I totally love it. It's a lot to learn though and it feels a little bit like back on university, because we have lessons and exams. So there is no "normal" work for me right now ;) But nevertheless I enjoy it
Coming home around 4 pm is much better than 8 pm, even though I need to leave home earlier.

What else happened in my life during the last weeks? Not much...*lol*

I try hard working on some creative activities, because I suffer from hard mood swings. I don't know why, but I can be happy in one moment and totally crushed in the next moment. I had some issues with depressions and panic attacks some time ago, and somehow I don't get rid of it now. I don't want to start a therapy again, but being creative always helps me.

It's like hundreds of questions running through my brain till I have the feeling to faint. It's like a bunch of people talking at the same time, everone with a different question, I have no answer to. I can think about a single problem for hours, getting totally into it and make it worse than it actually is. It's hard to describe how this attacks and depressions work on me. It's a little bit like running in circles. Thinking about issues where you can't have an answer for. Like what will happen if this happens when that happens because this happens. Does that make any sense?

So the best thing for me is either talking about what stresses me (which is easier said than done, because I am not a person who's good in talking about feelings and things which are a burden for me - maybe because some problems sound really ridiculous when you speak it out loud and it's hard to understand that tiny things can make someone feel really bad) or doing creative work to distract me from what I am thinking about. I can totally concentrate on something else and switch off the things hunting me.

I want to check if there's a possibility to start with playing theater again, but in my hometown that's almost impossible. And I think I don't have enough people around me, who'd join for it. -.-'

So I try to bring up other creative sides of mine ^^ I don't know if I should start studying again, but I fear that'll be too much for now, because I have several exams for my work to do. :( But maybe I'll check out which studies would be a possibility. ^^

Or maybe I'll make a course to learn to draw ^^ I don't know though if it's something I am good at :D

I am totally into writing mood right now, not only fanfiction, but also a fantasy story I am working on. :) I hope that I'll get the chance to publish it one day (even though I know that this is hardly possible, but never give up a dream right?)

Okay, enough from my moody words now.

I want to write about more positive things now:

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07 May 2016 @ 06:51 pm
Hello everyone,

Because it's spring, and because I saw the spring smut meme, I decided to make a drabble challenge. )And I need to get back into writing mood to start with my kink table soon again, but I need some drabbles to finde my inspiration :D)

I take 15 Requests. First come, first get ;) I only write drabbles (some maybe a little longer, some shorter, depends on pairing and request ;))

So, what and how can you request?

Pairing: I take every JE Pairing, doesn't matter which character. (Debuted JE-Boys please, I don't know others) NO OC characters, smut only between Arashi, Arashi/Ryo, Ryo/Kame, Kame/Pi, Arashi/Kame, Fuma/Kento

Rating: up to you

Spring-word/sentence: I want a word/sentence you connect with spring.

Notes: If you want to add something (like you want a special kink to be added)

So use this form:

I take a cookie now and wait for your requests :)

Hugs to you
30 April 2016 @ 02:36 pm

Hello everyone,

how are you doing out there? I hope everything is alright?

Finally, finally, I had the last day in my old company and on Monday starts a new life for me. I am already excited about it. It's a total new work for me, and I really have to learn a lot during the next 3 years, but that's okay :)

In my free time I am totally into watching series right now :) I just finished the first season of white collar, and I really totally love it :D

I try to find my writing muse again, but somehow it doesn't work out. I think of dropping my multi chapter "aurora borealis". I don't know if you are still interested in it, or if it's okay to drop it?
And I have some troubles with my other multi chapter too. I think I'll only post finished stories in future. It's a little "writing-mood-killer" if there are only a tiny few readers online. I know I can't drop the second multi, because it's a gift, but I honestly thought about it. ><

I try to collect ideas for future projects, though. What do you think about an Aimiya multi Chapter? Is there anyone interested in this pairing?

I have the slight feeling that Aiba pairings aren't really popular right now? Aren't there Aiba readers out there? Or are you all hiding somehwere?

Today I saw that the smut_meme started again :) Have you requested something? I thought of writing something for it, but I am not sure which one ;) Maybe I wait a little longer to see which requests will come :D

I hope you have a nice weekend,