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04 February 2022 @ 08:49 pm
Hello everyone!

Thanks for dropping by. :D
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If you have similar interests, feel free to add me every time you want. And you can contact me via PM or comment, I will happily answer you.

Note: My fanfictions concerning JE-fandom are here: sky_no_yuki
         My fanfictions concerning western fandom (mainly TV shows, videogames) are here: sweetfusion

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24 November 2015 @ 08:26 pm
Hello everyone,

have you heard about the news? Taguchi is leaving Kat-tun with spring 2016....I really don't know what to say. I really liked the 4-nin group and started getting into their music again after a long time.

I understand Taguchi's decision. It seems he wants to go a different way, and that's totally good for him, but it's sad for the rest of them.

I am curious how it'll go on. Even though they said that they'll go on I think they'll disband. Maybe they'll make a 10th anniversary and goodbye tour in once?

They went through so many troubles, and now again....*sighs* I am really sorry for the rest of the boys. They seemed so shocked....><

I hope the best for them, really <3 And that they are able to go on, no matter if it's as Kat-tun or as solo artist in future. ><

And no matter how decide on their future, I'll support all of them :D

22 November 2015 @ 02:21 pm
Hello my dear friends,

I saw my dear friend lilly0 makes a fanfiction advent calender this year. I though a long time about stealing this idea from her, because I really like it. ;) I don't have many time, because I am working without weekend till Christmas, but I want to try this challenge, because I love writing and because I love advent calenders. (I hope it's okay to steal it, my dear lilly0?)

For those who don't know what an advent calendar is:
We have a kind of calender from the 1st of December till the 24th of December. This calender has 24 doors with either pictures in it, or chocolate or books, or even beer. ;)

So here it goes:

I will take 24 requests of pairings and I will try to make an advent calender with your requests. It will only be drabbles, because I won't have time for much more.

You can request any pairing you want.


12 from 24 are already taken:

Sakumoto by lilly0
Fuma/Mari by lilly0
Nagase/Okada by kitkaos
RyoDa by kamedafan
Kimura/Kame by kamedafan

OhBa by addierabudabu
RyoKame by sweetspicyhot
RyoJin by lilly0
AibaToma by yoru_no_hikaru
Juntoshi by lover_youshould
Matsumiya by lover_youshould
JunBa by yoru_no_hikaru
15 November 2015 @ 06:30 pm
I posted my exchange fic two days ago if you are interested :D :D I loved writing RyoKame again after three years ^^ Even though it got a little gloomy and dark, but not with a bad ending :D

Title: Life-saver
Pairing: Kamenashi Kazuya/ Nishikido Ryo
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: When Kame gets the feeling that there is someone there for him, he decides to change his life.
Notes: Written for the k8_rabu_rabu exchange.
13 November 2015 @ 05:40 pm
Just a quick question before I head to sleep:

I am working on a long story now, but I can't decide on a pairing. Which one would you take?

It can be any combination in between JE-fandom. I am just cursious. ^^

And which side characters would you take? It can be non-JE guys too, but I am not really into other fandoms, so maybe you can give some information? (Women are okay, though I don't think I will add many .... )

21 September 2015 @ 11:15 am
Hello everyon,

I want to make a short poll:

I write a story at the moment, and I am not sure how to post it. It's quite long, and I want to know what you think.

Shall I post it in one go (In five parts or so) or as a multi chapter?

Poll #2022828 How to post a story?

Shall I post a story in one go, or as a multi chapter?

One shot
Multi Chapter

You'd help me with voiting here <3

18 September 2015 @ 09:34 pm
Hello everyone out there,

how are you all doing? I hope you are all okay?

  • What are you doing right now?

I am still on holiday, so I am pretty fine. :D I am at home till next week Thursday, so that's really cool. I totally try to relax now, because I don't have any holiday till March next year. Yeah, working in a bookstore means: Christmas-shopping-madness. I am not really prepared to this, but I know that will be my last year doing this. I love the work with books, but I hate selling them, and I really don't get used to the shifts. So I try changing my life again. Therefore I will have a job interview in October, and I am really a little bit afraid, because I need to pass a test, and I really am not afraid of the language part of the test, but there will be a bigger part maths and logical thought. I didn't need that kind of maths since ages. That's why I have to learn again....yeahhh or so...
But I really want to change the job, so there is no other way.

Next to my work I am still teaching my refugees, and that is really something I enjoy doing. I know that especially in my country are many xenophobic people, but thank god not everyone. ^^ I know some of you aren't from Europe, and I don't know how many news you get what's going on in Europe? It's really a horrible situation, but I am glad that I can do at least a tiny bit good here. Like a friend of mine said: We can't change the world, but we can do the best to make it at least a bit better. :)
For me it was a total new experience to get to know my students (who are all over 30 ;)) They are all Syrians, and they came here some months ago. I don't want to write down what they told me about their escape, but it made me realize that I really have a good life. Even though I know I shouldn't compare that, but in the end I do. :D
And for me it was really interesting to get to know another religion, especially because they are really religious, and I ...yeah....am not....

  • What else is going on?

I am on a birthday party with my father tomorrow, and we both have absolute no motivation to go there ;P We already tried to make an escape plan, but in the end we need to go there. I hope there'll be good food. ;)

And I watch "The walking dead" right now....oh gosh, don't eat while watching this!!! Really, it's extreme disgusting, but the series is really, really, cool. I totally love it (when I don't eat....) I wasn't a fan of the videogame, but I can really recommend that!

  • And what's with fandom?

I am writing my kink table right now. At least I try ;) I have some private projects too. And I have a question to you: I write a quite long story, and I am not sure what to do....shall I post it as one shot, or part it in chapters? What do you think? Do you want to read something really long at once, or in parts?

And because JunBa needs really more love I posted a one shot, HERE

I heard the Ohno rumors of course, who didn't? I realy laughed so hard. I read some comments on that. Honestly? Are some fans nuts? He is a 35 year old man, gosh, he shall go out, live his life, enjoy his life, have sex with whome he wants to. I think that's cool. <3 (Just that the photo was really not good....I thought: Ohno has 100kg on the first one...) Some around believe that he would stand in front of their door one day? Wake up people....and those who think he belongs to Nino....yeah, I pity you.

And I think I didn't say something about Taichi till now? Yeahhhhhhhh sooo cool, I am so happy for him, because he waited so long for that. <3 <3 <3 I hope he'll have a nice wedding and I wish them all the best. <3

So, I think that's enough from me,

have a nice weekend out there,

09 September 2015 @ 02:03 pm
Hello out there,

I found this in internet and found it pretty funny, so I filled that out myself:


Questions :DCollapse )

22 August 2015 @ 04:08 pm
Hello everyone,

because I saw that at lilly0s page (and I always do what she does ;P) I make a kink table too. But I let you chose from one of the following kinks.

So how it works:

1.) You take one word from the table (only one request per word is possible ;) So first come, first get).
2.) Tell me which pairing you want, and please look at the "pairings I am willing to write" section ;)
3.) Tell me what plot you want, or leave it to me ;)

Pairings I am willing to write

Arashi: All pairings :)

A.B.C.-Z.: Hasshi/ Goseki

Hey! Say! Jump!: Takaki Yuya/ Yabu Kota, Yamada/ Yabu Kota,

Kanjani8: YokoRyo, RyoYasu, RyoKura,

Kat-tun: ONLY KamexArashi, KameRyo,

Sexy Zone: Fuma/ Kento

SMAP: Shintaku only

Crossovers: RyoKame, Ryo/ any Arashi member, Kame/ any Arashi member, Ryo/Yuu, Kame/Yuu, Fuma/Hasshi, Fuma/ any Arashi member, Hasshi/ any Arashi member,

Here are the kinks you can request

001. Dildos 002. Voyeurism 003. Exhibitionism 004. Orgy requested by arashikuro 005. Orgasm Denial
006. Striptease request by lilly0 007. Angry sex 008. Spanking 009. Threesome requested by kitkaos 010. Rough requested by lilly0
011. Nipple Play
requested by lilly0
012. Butt Plugs 013. Anonymous Sex 014. Gags 015. Biting
016. Facial 017. Bondage 018. ropes 019. Double Penetration 020. Roleplay
021. Car Sex 022. vibrator 023. Cuddling 024. Shower Sex 025. Chocolate
026. Begging  requested by addierabudabu 027. Foot Fetish 028. Master/Slave requested by icyflare 029. Deep-throating 030. Hand-Job
031. Massage 032. Masturbation 033. Mirrors requested by masaki82 034. public sex 035. Swallowing
036. BDSM 037. Blindfolds 038. 69 039. Elevator sweetspicyhot 040. Backstage
041. Dirty talk 042. Wax 043. Phone sex 044. Whipping 045. Ice cubes
046. Food play 047. Quickie requested by jade_lil 048. Deepthroating 049. cock rings 050. Rough sex
051. Prison sex 052. School 053. Sex in the rainrequested by deelovesryo 054. punishment requested by lilly0 055. swimming pool requested by lauralinda
056. a friend's place 057. Cinema 058. Figging 059. Age play 060. Uniforms
061. Virgin 062. Feather 063. Sensation play 064. Historical roleplay 065. Medical kink re  requested by tegomisa
066. Food 067. Pet play 068.

So let's get wild here, I hope I can improve my smut writing again, because I have the feeling, I forgot how to write it ;)

Done so far

1.) Spanking (Sakumoto) requested by lilly0    or on AO3
2.) Anger me (Yama) requested by addierabudabuor on AO3
3.) Water drop (KameDa) requested by sweetspicyhot or on AO3

Done - posted next

3.) Pet Play (MatsuRyo) requested by lilly0
4.) Backstage sex (Ohmiya) requested by jade_lil
16 August 2015 @ 06:17 pm
Hello everyone,

ramblingCollapse )

I hope you all are doing good, have a nice evening
Okay, I stole this from lilly0 (like so often and of course with her permission) and she took it from ributa.

I always search for some input and maybe I'll get it from you out there. ;)

So how does it work?

You want to get a drabble? Then comment here and answer these questions:
Who? (Pairing)
What are they doing?
What do they use?
(Example: JunBa during dinner with a spoon)

Which fandoms are allowed?
JE-groups, doramas (as long as I have seen them, so please ask), western TV-series (please ask again ;)), videogames, non JE but japanese actors and actresses. Movies (western, but again ask)

Which rating is allowed?

I challenge myself and say: anything goes. I'll give also smut a try again.
But following things are not allowed: underage, extreme kink, gore, character death and extreme bloody things

How long will the story be?

Just a drabble - nothing more, sorry. And the entry has a time limit. I will stop it some time.

Are mulitple requests okay?

Yes, but don't spam me with hundreds of requests please.

I can't promise to be done in one day, but I promise to write every request.

So let the party start ^^

Done fics

Reality of a kiss challenged by kitkaos
Love advice challenged by lilly0
Summer, sun and sakumoto challenged by sweetspicyhot
21 June 2015 @ 09:07 am

Hello veryone,

how are you out there? I hope you are okay?

My weekend was really sad and totally shocking till now. I live in Austria, where the amok run was yesterday. I don't know if anyone of you heard of it? I know it was in international media, but I don't know where.
It happened during my lunch break, I was outside, right in that street where he killed three people. Just a few minutes out there and I maybe would have been one of the pedestrians he killed by run over them with his car.
But I was back in the break room and just stared out of the window, shocked. I heard the people screaming and running around. Everyone stood on street and looked around - no one dared to say something. The people outside immediatly started helping. Over 34 people got hurt, most if them bad injured. Three people were killed - one child with only 4 years, a fresh-married man with 28 years and a woman with 26 years. I work in a bookstore, and one customer didn't want to get help from the crisis intervention team. She saw how the 4 year old boy got killed.
Help was immediately there. 68 ambulances and police cars, from regular police to special units. In the end the culprit stopped his car right in front of the police station and walked in to turn himself in.
I can't tell you how shocking that was. Luckily I didn't see any hurt people or dead one, because I wouldn't have stand that. But only the screams and the sirens of ambulance and police was stuck into my head till night.

So everyone is here is deeply crushed right now. Most of the people in Graz and Styria post this banner right now:

(Source: KleineZeitung.at)

My thoughts go to the families who have really a hard time right now, and to the people who are still in live danger.

And again I am really happy that I am okay, and no one I know got involved.

I try to relax with some writing for now, and I will read some stuff maybe. So I just try to have a calm day.

I started my arashi-exchange story, so I am really busy right now *lol* But I want to finish it till I need to write the Kanjani-exchange story. (If they run it....)

So I am sorry for my bad mood-entry, but I really needed to write this down to feel better.

I wish you all a nice weekend, and please take care of you! It can happen so fast, that's what I again had to realise.